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March 03, 2019, 05:32:47 pm by Gus | Views: 341 | Comments: 5

As promised the reset will happen early this month, progress is going great to get everything rebalanced. Over the last few days myself Emile and Dolla have been on the dev server making and testing everything and fixing bugs.  Over the next few days you might see some changes and soon you'll see the reset.

Currently we have re-balanced the servers economy to be more realistic and harder to obtain money and monetary items such as cars and houses. The next thing on the list is fixing map bugs which I am currently doing as I type this post. Fixing the map bugs, and items mapped around that aren't suppose to be there should be finished tonight.

While me and Emile fixed the economy, LilDolla has been hard at working making sure the reset happens as flawlessly as possible. This entails things such as achievements not spamming you with 5 million when you first log in after the reset as you will keep your hours and it will trigger the achievements. Things also included in this is making sure you keep your hours and group stats as we do not want you to lose group stats.

While we have been quiet for the last few weeks regarding the reset, rest assured that we are working on it and are trying to get every bug that has been reported and every bug we find fixed. This also means that we have not had all the time we would like to add new features that were posted, however when we do reset the server we will be pushing for the new features to be added. We are hoping to make this as smooth as  possible for both the players and the IGC team. Looking forward to seeing all the current IGC Citizens and the new ones yet to arrive very soon on reset day! :*
February 12, 2019, 10:22:07 am by NizwaFTW
Views: 395 | Comments: 6

    The Global Reset
    Ideas regarding the Global Reset...

    Hello everyone, I'm sure you've heard of the fact that we are implementing a server reset, However that doesn't mean the server is going to be exactly the same as it is now. It would be pointless to hit the reset button without learning from our past two years of experience. We want to add improvements to the server that will make the gameplay more enjoyable for everyone therefore we've made a huge list of things to be done before we go through with the reset. However i'm writing this topic to get insight about what you lovely community members think about different points that we thought needs to be run through the community before we decide on our own.
    The following points are not everything that is going to be changed but these are the ones we need more details and information on so i expect every reply to be as informative and as detailed as possible.
    The points that needs to be addressed are:
      • How do you expect the new tuning system to be? Would u still like to keep the speedpacks? or get rid of them entirely
      • Which businesses would you like to see, where and how would they work/Add food businesses and add factories for each type of business
      • What drugs would you like to see and what would their functions be
      • What sort of improvements would you like to see added to PC and CB
      • Daily and weekly missions, Example adding a rob 5 stores missions for criminals, or kill 5 criminals for cops, Rob 5 banks, etc..
      • What things do you want to be able to do outside the main cities?
      • Crafting system - How would the crafting system work? What sort of things should be able to be crafted?
      • F2 - Properties button and how it should work and how it affects the current properties and what good is the existance of a group property?
      • Market area for selling drugs/guns/vehicles.
      • Playing the game on hardcore. Some things need to be almost impossible to get like a high end car or an airplane. Further details on how this gonna work is needed.
      • Any changes to current jobs?

      You have to use the format given here to explain which point you are referring to and how it should work in you opinion, If you are addressing more than one point in a single post you have to re write the Format for each.
      Code: [Select]
      [b]Your Name/Names (Its ok for the idea to be from more than one person contributed to the details):[/b]
      [b]Point addressed:[/b]
      [b]Detailed explanation on the changes and how its going to be:[/b]

      an example of a detailed post addressing the drugs would be naming the drugs, how to get the drugs, what does each drug do, possible resell value, time to get drug, etc

      February 07, 2019, 02:50:14 pm by LilDolla
      Views: 651 | Comments: 30

      The Global Reset
      A proposition for a new day...

      Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've last posted, but that doesn't mean I haven't been lurking in the shadows ;). First i'd like to take the chance to let you all know that our previous Founder, Gus, has rejoined the IGC team and will help out with all the past things he's done for the community. I'd also like to welcome our newest developer ShayF onto the development team. IGC has been alive for more than 2 years and in those 2 years there has been a lot of change. We've lost our oldest community members and gained new ones BUT we've  managed to evolve in the course of 2 years. IGC is nothing like what the remaining rememants of GTI was. But today comes a new project that we plan to implement based on community support.

      We plan on implementing a Global Reset. A global reset will result in pressing a reset button that will DELETE all progress since Day 1. The only stats that would be kept is account data (Like your name and when you registered) and your group structure (Group statistics will also be reset). All vehicles will also disappear. By the time you're reading this you'll think this would cause chaos and we've thought about this. All players would start in a new economy with $250,000 in their bank accounts, while players that have invested real money into IGC will receive an extra $1,000,000. In addition to the reset, we intend on also pushing big features in the reset window that will also include bug fixes that should make the server less buggy and more enjoyable.

      We believe a global reset would balance out the economy of IGC and let everyone have a fresh start and give us a chance to also freshen up IGC and bring a new and great experience that will allow all players to have even more fun.

      Please read this carefully and do NOT forget to vote on the poll. This vision of IGC will better the community and lead to more EQUALITY and PROSPERITIY in the server.
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