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Donation Thread
« on: March 22, 2019, 05:14:49 pm »
Purpose of Premium Features: IGC needs funds to keep the server online. We need to pay for the servers that hosts this forum, and the MTA Servers, and the various other things that we host. You do not need a PayPal account to donate! If you have a bank account OR credit/debit card, you can donate through PayPal Benefits of Contributing. Premium hours are how players gain access to ingame features. Whenever you purchase premium hours you unlock every premium feature we currently have and an exclusive donator chat. Premium hours can also be sold to other players via /sell.
  • Premium hours only go down while you are online.
  • Every 75 premium hours is 5 Euro.
    Perks you get when buying premium hours:
  • Access to tuning speed and other things for your car.
  • Access to using the jetpack to move around
  • Increase in max houses allowed to own from 3 to 5
  • Vehicle recovery to player position
  • 25% increase in max ammo limit
  • Instant respawn after death
  • Ability to cut suicide time in half
  • 15% increase in job/task payment
  • 15% reduction in service costs
  • 15% reduction in jail time
  • Custom Title. /settitle
  • Hitme. /hitme [price]
  • Decreased tazer time.
  • Slower wanted level drop time.
  • Spawn with 100% armor.
  • VIP speaker. /spk
  • Receive 5,000 every hour for a total of 40,000 a day.
  • VIP jetpack. /jetpack
  • Donator chat. /d
  • Ability to have speed pack on your vehicle. /speedpack
  • Passive ability to heal 2hp every 5 seconds.
  • Personal name tag color
    You can also donate for personal visual benifits.
  • Personal skin: 7.00 Euro.
  • Personal car shader: 7.00 Euro.
    Donating for group perks? Here's the information you might need.
    If you don't have the time or effort to put into earning group perks via in game play methods then you can donate for the perks. Each perk will have a cost and some will be bundled together for cheaper deals. This is just a trial run and if it proves to not work out then this method of getting group perks will be removed.So when I say you can donate for group perks I mean you can literally donate for any group perk that is listed below.
  • Group base - $5.00.
  • Group car spawner - $2.00 for each car added. Only certain cars can be added.
  • Group skin - $7.00. You are in charge of providing your own custom skin.
  • Group interior - $5.00. You are in charge of making your own interior and sending it to us. You can have more than one but must pay for each additional one.
  • Official Job Title - $4.00. Pm LilDolla or Emile once you have donated for this feature.
  • Group heli spawn - $3.00. Includes two aircraft. Any added after that cost $1.00 more.
  • Group Plane spawn - $3.00. Includes one plane. Each plane added cost $1.00.
  • Group boat spawner - $2.00.
  • Group sub-board - $3.00. You get three moderators. After donating for this option you will need to PM myself Emile or LilDolla letting us know who you want and that you donated for this feature.
  • Group health pickup - $2.00.
  • Group armor pickup - $2.00.
  • Group car shader - $7.00.
  • Tuning cars in spawner - $3.00. You can get certain cars tuned (not OP). Some tunes might be making a car be able to not take as much damage from bullets. Or speeding up a car.
  • Private Group Drug Crafting Marker - $4.00. Allows you to craft drugs within your group base. 4 allowed.
  • Base missile protection - $3.00. Shoots missiles at un-welcomed visitors.
  • Group cinema - $5.00. Allows you to play youtube videos.
    Ready to Contribute? Click Below!

    Terms and Conditions
    As a contributor, you are subject to the same server wide rules as every other player. You cannot pay to remove a punishment. If you are banned from our server, you will not receive any extension in benefits. Severe punishments or abuses of ingame premium features will result in your access to these features being removed. No refunds will be issued if you have your features removed from you.Any attempt to take back your money you contributed to IGC via PayPal will result in all of your accounts associated with the IGC Network being deleted. If you transferred any current or future benefits to other players, whatever you transferred will be confiscated from those players.You may contribute to IGC anonymously and without asking for any features in return.We (the general community and myself) have the right to change how much each premium feature costs. We (the general community and myself) reserve the right to change what premium features are available, including adding and removing features.If you fail to enter your ingame account into the box when asked, understand that receiving whatever benefits will take significantly longer. Contacting you will be done via email if you fail to enter your ingame account name.If you have any questions about contributions or premium ranks or how to get premium access, they should be asked via direct PM to Emile, BEFORE you pay any money to IGC.
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