Sunday, 2019/02/17
- Map: Fixed some interiors missing interior (EnemyCRO, Nizwa)

Saturday, 2019/02/09
- Jobs: Someone has tempered with the funeral driver's vehicles, The funeral driver vehicles are under maintenance therefore renders the job undo-able until further notice. (NizwaFTW)
- Radio: Fixed YouTube converter not working. (Emile)

Friday, 2019/02/08
- Criminals: Amount of criminals required to start the Montgomery raid has been reduced from 5 to 3. You can now run while delivering the box instead of walking. Payment per box has been reduced to 1500 from 2000. (Kingpool)

Thursday, 2019/02/07
- Freecam: Fixed being unable to exit freecam. (LilDolla)

Tuesday, 2019/02/05
- Group Spawning: Players must be unemployed to respawn at their houses or group bases. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)

Monday, 2019/02/04
- Paramedic: You can use Raindance helicopter to start your mission from now too [You can deliver one patient only with it], hospital markers won't be available unless you are going to deliver the patient to the hospital, changed the look of the markers & added markers at the top of every general hospital to use it when you deliver patients with raindance. (Gat)
- Group Spawning: Players can no longer spawn at a base or house while being Civilian (LilDolla)

Sunday, 2019/02/03
- Paramedic: Payment bugs fixed, the mission now would be failed if your paitent died, (Gat, Drake)

Monday, 2019/01/28
- Paramedic: You can start your mission from anywhere now, it's around whole SA you can start it from LS, SF or LV. (Gat)

Saturday, 2019/01/26
- Paramedic: You've to revive the patient before getting him into your ambulance vehicle now. (Gat)
- Paramedic: You're going to pick 2 patients instead now, the payment is doubled and depends on your level and the distance between you and the patients (Gat)

Friday, 2019/01/25
- Paramedic: For the new mission: changed the animation of the patient, added a 25 seconds cool down between /medic & /stopmedic, changed the payment type as you can earn exp points from the mission too, improved the quality of the mission (Gat, Drake)

Wednesday, 2019/01/23
- Paramedic: New mission, work as a paramedic and get into an ambulance vehicle then type /medic, the mission can be stopped by /stopmedic [LS] - picking patient and delivering them (Gat, Nock)

Sunday, 2019/01/20
- Vehicle Store: Added the Raindance to the Aviation store for $1,280,000. (LilDolla)

Thursday, 2019/01/03
- Weapons: Shotgun has been nerfed. (NizwaFTW + LilDolla)

Monday, 2018/12/31
- Wishes: Happy new year! (EnemyCRO)

Monday, 2018/12/24
- Federal Reserve: All players have received $250,000 deposited in their accounts, Merry Christmas. (LilDolla)

Sunday, 2018/12/09
- CnR: Disabled RPGs (External)

Tuesday, 2018/12/04
- Civilian: Funeral driver and Electrician jobs are back after the money exploit is fixed. (NizwaFTW + Emile)

Monday, 2018/12/03
- Civilian: Electrician job has been shut down as well. (NizwaFTW + Drake)
- Civilian: Anyone found to have used the exploits will get his money taken away. Don't be surprised if u couldn't find your money. (NizwaFTW)
- Civilian: Removed Funeral driver temporarily as its exploitable. (NizwaFTW)

Thursday, 2018/11/22
- Forum: Added a new useful link to link discord group and channel. Note that you need to start the process while in-game. (LilDolla)

Tuesday, 2018/11/20
- Phone: Fixed some issues that would cause the phone to not open after participating in the raid. (LilDolla)

Monday, 2018/11/19
- Business System: Businesses will now pay taxes for every purchase made by consumers. (LilDolla)
- Shaders: To request a skin/car shader, Contact Drake or RxDracula and make sure you fulfilled the requirements mentioned. (NizwaFTW)
- Shaders: Theres a limit of one car shader and one skin shader that can be bought with IG money. If a group/player wishes to have more than one shader. The group/player has to donate for it. (NizwaFTW)
- Shaders: Groups with over 15 active members may request a group skinshader for the price of 20m Ingame money. (NizwaFTW)
- Shaders: Any player with over 700 hours is eligible to request a private skin for Ingame money, It costs 20m. (NizwaFTW)

Saturday, 2018/11/17
- Criminals: Players will now get $2,000 per box and 10 of each drug when delivering boxes during the new raid. (LilDolla)

Friday, 2018/11/16
- Criminals: A new raid mission has been added to criminals. Go to the R blip on the map to check it out. Requires 5 criminals to start. (Kingpool + LilDolla + kerw36)

Sunday, 2018/11/11
- CnR: Added RxDracula as the new leader of criminal bosses. (NizwaFTW + Adeeb)

Friday, 2018/11/09
- Groups: Gave SWP an Official group title for being the most active civilian group. (NizwaFTW)
- Groups: Made it so only offical groups such as SWAT and Kilo Tray crips have titles. (NizwaFTW)
- Blackjack: Fixed a minor bug in blackjack. (EnemyCRO)
- Misc: Added Blackjack in LV Casino, the one with a dice blip. (NizwaFTW + LilDolla + Pancake + Kingpool)
- Forum: Reduced the poll duration from 14 to 7 days. (Electro)

Tuesday, 2018/11/06
- Aircraft Passenger System: Fixed the aircraft passenger system. (LilDolla)
- Duel System: Fixed an exploit that would allow players to heal themselves while in a duel. (LilDolla)
- Event System: Players who quit or timeout while in an event will now be teleported back to their last position. (LilDolla)
- House Robbery: Fixed getting stuck when entering/exiting a house. (LilDolla)
- LS Bank Rob: Made some core changes to the LS Bank Robbery and increased the pay slightly. (LilDolla)
- Math Quiz: Removed the math quiz feature since no one uses it. (LilDolla, Server Poll)
- Housing System: Fixed the owner text on transferred houses not updating. (LilDolla)
- Group System: Removed the group spray tag option in the group menu and fixed an issue that made it impossible for people to delete their groups. (LilDolla)

Monday, 2018/11/05
- Ammu-Nation: The Minigun has now been scheduled for return. Stock up your ammunation today. (LilDolla)
- Weapon System: Added a progress bar visually displaying the time remaining on the HS RPG or RPG. (LilDolla)

Saturday, 2018/11/03
- Weapon System: Added a 7 second cooldown when firing a RPG and HS RPG. (LilDolla)
- Weapon System: Projectiles and Heavy Weapons are now allowed to be used everywhere. (LilDolla)
- Drug System: Fixed an issue related to game speed and drugs not correctly applying it. (LilDolla)
- Group System: Fixed an issue when creating a group using spaces. To add spaces to your group name, rename it. Spaces will be removed during group creation. (LilDolla, StealthGamer, Lee)
- Support System: Linked the discord support channel to in-game support. (LilDolla)
- Interior System: Fixed a bug that would teleport people glued to vehicles into interiors, if the vehicle passed through an interior marker. (LilDolla, AlaaD)

Friday, 2018/11/02
- Phone: Updated the notification icons and repositioned the notification icon to popup near the radar. (LilDolla)
- Homepage: Added a new Server Statistics page. (LilDolla, Emile)
- Trade System: Players who deal drugs will only be charged with a crime if near a police officer. The person buying will also be charged with a crime if near an officer. (LilDolla)
- Housing: Added multiple high value mansions/Hotels for sale, They start at 12 Mils. (NizwaFTW)
- Drug System: Drugs can now be sold without having to be criminal. (LilDolla)
- Staff: Closed staff applications (Glenno)

Thursday, 2018/11/01
- Criminal: Fixed police turfing being able to jail people. (Emile)
- Mods: Fixed mods not loading upon reconnecting. (Emile)
- CnR: Fixed wanted level going down while in a CnR event. (Emile)
- CnR System: Events will now begin every 10 minutes. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW, Pancake)
- Drug System: In order to get drugs currently, you will have to participate in the CnR events. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)
- Drug System: Cocaine will now make you more aware of your surroundings. (LilDolla)
- Law & Order: The remaining drug factory in Blueberry has been raided and will remain closed until further investigation (LilDolla)
- Weapon System: Increased the maximum capacity for ammo on most guns. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW, Emile)
- Drug System: You can no longer store more than 100 of a certain drug inside a vehicle. (NizwaFTW + LilDolla)
- Weapon System: Dual wielding has been disabled. Weapons that were able to be dual wielded have received a little boost in damage. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)
- Drug System: Added a limit to the maximum amount of drugs a player is allowed to have. The limit is currently set to 1,000. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)
- Law & Order: There has been a massive crackdown and all group drug factory operations have been suspended. The only remaining drug factory is located in Blueberry. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)
- Weapon System: The weapon system has been heavily tweaked to change gameplay. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW, Flower Power)
- Drug System: Oxycodone will only give 140 HP instead of 200 HP. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW, Flower Power)
- Damage System: Disabled the experimental "wall hack" system. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)
- Inventory System: Combat Armor will now give players 25% more armor instead of 5% (LilDolla)
- Vehicle System: Disabled impact damage when crashing into foreign objects. (LilDolla, Haider)
- Paramedic: You will no longer have to wait 10 seconds before being healed, only 1 second now. (LilDolla, Nock)
- Damage System: Players working in Emergency Services will no longer face the threat of damage. (LilDolla, Haider, Drake, Mpatrol)
- World: Fixed an exploit that would allow helicopters to be frozen in the air while the engine was off. (LilDolla)
- Law & Order: Fixed an issue that caused surrendering players to stay in the criminal team. (LilDolla, Haider)
- Muscle System: Fixed an issue that caused CJ's muscle to not show when a player model was changed back to CJ from another model. (LilDolla)

Wednesday, 2018/10/31
- Mod Shop: Removed tunes from faggio for being too overpowered. (NizwaFTW + LilDolla)
- Homepage: Updated the homepage with a completely redesigned interface. The homepage is now also mobile friendly. (LilDolla)

Sunday, 2018/10/28
- Vehicles App: Made it possible to transfer your vehicle to other players. Transfer is available inside the vehicle stats menu. (LilDolla)
- IGC Administration: Recruited Mpetrol as trial staff (NizwaFTW)
- IGC Administration: Promoted Marx, Drake, Pancake and Electro to L4. (NizwaFTW)
- IGC Administration: Changed the current staff duty system to a better one. (NizwaFTW + Electro)

Friday, 2018/10/26
- Groups: Rewarded SWP 2 additional skins for being the only active Civil group. (NizwaFTW)

Thursday, 2018/10/25
- Complaint guidelines: Added new rule: Do not tag staff members who are not involved (Glenno)
- Jobs: Disabled Photographer job due to exploits (Glenno)

Monday, 2018/10/22
- Photographer: Fixed an exploit. (Emile)

Friday, 2018/10/19
- Rules: Every complaint MUST be posted on forums or /report to report someone in-game. (Glenno)
- Statistics: Updated the Top 10 Player database and page to fill in missing jobs. (Department of Information)

Monday, 2018/10/15
- Bases: Removed FOD base (Glenno)
- Bases: Added ARMY base (Glenno)

Thursday, 2018/10/11
- Bases: Re-added FTW bases (Glenno)

Tuesday, 2018/10/09
- Combat: Re-enabled weapon binds (Glenno - LilDolla)
- Prices: Lowered vehicle prices (Glenno - LilDolla)

Wednesday, 2018/09/26
- Bases: Added FOD base (Glenno)

Friday, 2018/09/21
- Staff: Added Haider as Trial Staff (Glenno)

Tuesday, 2018/09/18
- Staff: Added Nock as Trial Staff (Glenno)

Sunday, 2018/09/16
- Minecraft: Added Minecraft echo to IGC Discord - #minecraft-echo (Glenno - LilDolla)
- Minecraft: Added live map of the Minecraft server - (Glenno)
- Minecraft: Launched IGC Minecraft server - (Glenno)

Friday, 2018/09/14
- Staff: Opened Staff Applications (Glenno)
- Staff: Changed community rank requirement for Staff to Senior Community Member (Glenno)

Thursday, 2018/09/13
- Account Security: You will now receive an e-mail confirmation whenever a recovery process is completed. This is sent to the e-mail binded to the account. Your e-mail can be changed via ./settings. (Account Recovery Team)

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