Thursday, 2019/04/11
- Criminals: Criminals have the ability now to pass through the tolls by killing the guard that's beside the specific toll (Gat)

Wednesday, 2019/04/10
- Cops: Changed the command again from /addharrow to /addstinger (Gat)
- Cops: Changed the command of adding harrows from /addblock to /addharrow (Gat)
- Cops: L4+ Cops can now add an object on the ground to stop criminals' traffic and damage their vehicle' wheels. (Huge, Gat)

Monday, 2019/04/08
- Cops: A new mission for cops at blueberry, it's being marked as "T" blip. (Huge, Gat)

Thursday, 2019/04/04
- Medic : You can't now commit suicide while doing the mission. (Gat)

Tuesday, 2019/04/02
- RolePlay: Cops can now use a new CCTV cams system in both LS and LV in their department offices to spectate specific places that criminals use to do their own activities. You will find cam icons on your mini-map when you work as a cop. (Gat)

Saturday, 2019/03/30
- Premium hours: You can redeem premium hours codes using /redeem, either you donated and got it or won it in a global event. (Gat)

Sunday, 2019/03/24
- Gates: Disabled the gates covering the Market and LV ammunations for the time being until a proper system is put in place. (LilDolla)

Saturday, 2019/03/23
- Criminals: Lowered CrimBoss hit payment to $2,000 (Adeeb)
- Medic: Fixed a bug that pops up when you play it with your friends, you'll get a notification with the number of remaining patients on your screen whether you're using an ambulance or a raindance. (Gat, GDevil, Nock)

Friday, 2019/03/22
- Drugs: Fixed drug binds taking more drugs than normal. (LilDolla, RxDracula)

Thursday, 2019/03/21
- Stats: Added Electrician, Funeral Driver and Taxi Driver statistics to the stats panel. (LilDolla)

Wednesday, 2019/03/20
- Farmer: Added a farmable area and job marker in Blueberry. (LilDolla)
- Modshop: Added the possibility to customize the amount of degrees your vehicle is able to steer towards. (LilDolla)
- Modshop: Rescripted the tuning system from scratch and added the ability to custom wheel tire width and change your door styles. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW, Kingpool)

Tuesday, 2019/03/19
- Repair Kits: Reduced the price of repair kits from $1,500 to $750. (LilDolla)
- Blips: Fixed custom blips rendering under the F11 map (LilDolla, GloriousDevil)
- Interface: Added a shortcut to view the underused shortcut feature. (LilDolla)
- Chat: Removed filtering from localchat. Feel free to report your incidents on the forum or to an administrator so it can be dealt with. (LilDolla)
- Chat: Messages containing references to religion will no longer be sent. If you have suggestions for words that need to be blocked, PM them to me on Discord. (LilDolla)
- Fisherman: Fixed fish appearing on land. (LilDolla, MPatrol)
- General Stability: Fixed a major flaw in a script that would cause some players to either experience a degraded gaming experience or crash completely. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)

Monday, 2019/03/18
- Gates/Store Systems: Made new types of gates that will open and close based on time. Some main stores will now close based on server time and you will have to use rural ones instead. (LilDolla)
- Shooting Range: You can no longer jump while training weapons (LilDolla, Kerw)
- Fisherman: Fishes may now appear closer to each other instead of always being spread out. (LilDolla)

Sunday, 2019/03/17
- LS Bank Heist: You will no longer know how much money you have earned until you finish picking all safes. (LilDolla)
- Drug System: Renamed Adderall to Cannabis. (LilDolla)
- Vehicle Transfer: To transfer a vehicle to another account you must now enter your password before doing so. (LilDolla)
- Fuel System: Modified the rate of consumption on some bikes. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)
- Cursor: Fixed the cursor staying on screen after closing different GUIs. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)
- Prison: Criminals will now only serve a maximum of 4 minutes in prison. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)
- Criminal Tasks: Criminals will now get $500 when killing a police officer, only if players are not in the same group. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)
- Respawn System: Police Officers who die in battle with a Criminal will now spawn at the 2nd nearest hospital with full armor (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)

Saturday, 2019/03/16
- Farmer: Modified plant blip colors based on the state and made blips stay while you're picking them up. You will now be paid after picking up all plants instead of half and half. (LilDolla)
- Employment System: Temporarily disabled being able to receiving job payment in your bank account. (LilDolla)
- Briefcase: Lowered payment from 10,000$ to 4,000$ per drop off. (NizwaFTW)
- Repair Kits: Fixed being able to move while using a repair kit. (LilDolla)
- Weapon Skills: Fixed being unable to max out certain weapons. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)
- Safezone: Fixed a health bug exploit that allowed players to not die. (LilDolla)
- Bank: Added a total due line under the tax due line. (Emile)

Friday, 2019/03/15
- Wallet App: Set the maximum amount of funds to be transferable to $10,000. (LilDolla)
- Civilian: Lowered some payments that were not changed. (Gus)
- Hijacker: Lowered payments as it was not balanced. (Gus)
- Anticheat: Fixed anticheat triggering for no reason. (Gus,LilDolla)
- Turfs: Fixed turfing reward money to a max of $2,000. (Gus, LilDolla)
- Bug Helper: If you encounter a bug related to cursors, please report it and what feature you happened to come across. To fix the cursor use /rcursor. (LilDolla)
- Weapons: Fixed prices not showing correctly. (Gus)
- Weapons: Added a damage indicator system that allows u to know where u're getting shot from. (Lee)
- Modshop: Lowered the pricing of suspension modification. (LilDolla, Kingpool)
- Modshop: Added a new and refined tuning system (LilDolla, NizwaFTW, Kingpool)

Saturday, 2019/03/09
- Chat: Messages containing discord mentions will not send and will result in an automatic 15 minute global mute. (LilDolla)

Friday, 2019/03/08
- Weapons: M4: Damage set to 10, Mag set to 30, Deagle: Nerfed mag from 12 to 8, Nerfed Damage a bit, MP5: Decreased mag size from 60 to 40, Nerfed damage from 8 to 6, Colt: Damage increased to 8 per hit. UZI: Buffed Damage to 5 from 4, Tec: Buffed Damage to 5 from 4, lowered mag from 100 to 60, Sawed-off= Damage set to 36 max ( if all the shot was completely absorbed by the other player) and Lowered mag size from 4 to 2, Shotgun nerfed damage from 59 to 51. Combat shotgun set as 21 Damage per hit (NizwaFTW + Kingpool + Kerw63)
- Weapons: AK: Increased damage to 12 from 10, lowered mag size from 35 to 30 (NizwaFTW + Kingpool + Kerw63)
- Weapons: Re-Added Sneak walk-style. (NizwaFTW + LilDolla)

Wednesday, 2019/03/06
- Armageddon: Countdown has started. (Anonymous)
- Economy: Re-balanced the Economy. Changed the prices on vehicles and weapons, and the payments for all activities. (Gus,Emile)
- Misc: Fixed all reported bugs. (Gus,Emile,LilDolla,EnemyCRO,Drake)
- Turfs: Disabled LS turfs. (Gus,Emile)
- Drugs: Added drug binds. Press B>Settings> set your binds. Same for weapons (LilDolla, Gus)
- Weapons: Added weapon binds to LV. (Emile, Gus)

Monday, 2019/03/04
- Map: Fixed all reported map bugs. (Gus, EnemyCRO)

Sunday, 2019/03/03
- Forum: Fixed forum linking being broken. (Emile)
- F9 Panel: Added new commands and updated job information. Somethings you might notice have been disabled. (Gus, Danger)

Saturday, 2019/03/02
- Rules: Updated the rules and removed some pointless ones. (Gus)

Sunday, 2019/02/17
- Map: Fixed some interiors missing interior (EnemyCRO, Nizwa)

Saturday, 2019/02/09
- Jobs: Someone has tempered with the funeral driver's vehicles, The funeral driver vehicles are under maintenance therefore renders the job undo-able until further notice. (NizwaFTW)
- Radio: Fixed YouTube converter not working. (Emile)

Friday, 2019/02/08
- Criminals: Amount of criminals required to start the Montgomery raid has been reduced from 5 to 3. You can now run while delivering the box instead of walking. Payment per box has been reduced to 1500 from 2000. (Kingpool)

Thursday, 2019/02/07
- Freecam: Fixed being unable to exit freecam. (LilDolla)

Tuesday, 2019/02/05
- Group Spawning: Players must be unemployed to respawn at their houses or group bases. (LilDolla, NizwaFTW)

Monday, 2019/02/04
- Paramedic: You can use Raindance helicopter to start your mission from now too [You can deliver one patient only with it], hospital markers won't be available unless you are going to deliver the patient to the hospital, changed the look of the markers & added markers at the top of every general hospital to use it when you deliver patients with raindance. (Gat)
- Group Spawning: Players can no longer spawn at a base or house while being Civilian (LilDolla)

Sunday, 2019/02/03
- Paramedic: Payment bugs fixed, the mission now would be failed if your paitent died, (Gat, Drake)

Monday, 2019/01/28
- Paramedic: You can start your mission from anywhere now, it's around whole SA you can start it from LS, SF or LV. (Gat)

Saturday, 2019/01/26
- Paramedic: You've to revive the patient before getting him into your ambulance vehicle now. (Gat)
- Paramedic: You're going to pick 2 patients instead now, the payment is doubled and depends on your level and the distance between you and the patients (Gat)

Friday, 2019/01/25
- Paramedic: For the new mission: changed the animation of the patient, added a 25 seconds cool down between /medic & /stopmedic, changed the payment type as you can earn exp points from the mission too, improved the quality of the mission (Gat, Drake)

Wednesday, 2019/01/23
- Paramedic: New mission, work as a paramedic and get into an ambulance vehicle then type /medic, the mission can be stopped by /stopmedic [LS] - picking patient and delivering them (Gat, Nock)

Sunday, 2019/01/20
- Vehicle Store: Added the Raindance to the Aviation store for $1,280,000. (LilDolla)

Thursday, 2019/01/03
- Weapons: Shotgun has been nerfed. (NizwaFTW + LilDolla)

Monday, 2018/12/31
- Wishes: Happy new year! (EnemyCRO)

Monday, 2018/12/24
- Federal Reserve: All players have received $250,000 deposited in their accounts, Merry Christmas. (LilDolla)

Sunday, 2018/12/09
- CnR: Disabled RPGs (External)

Tuesday, 2018/12/04
- Civilian: Funeral driver and Electrician jobs are back after the money exploit is fixed. (NizwaFTW + Emile)

Monday, 2018/12/03
- Civilian: Electrician job has been shut down as well. (NizwaFTW + Drake)
- Civilian: Anyone found to have used the exploits will get his money taken away. Don't be surprised if u couldn't find your money. (NizwaFTW)
- Civilian: Removed Funeral driver temporarily as its exploitable. (NizwaFTW)

Thursday, 2018/11/22
- Forum: Added a new useful link to link discord group and channel. Note that you need to start the process while in-game. (LilDolla)

Tuesday, 2018/11/20
- Phone: Fixed some issues that would cause the phone to not open after participating in the raid. (LilDolla)

Monday, 2018/11/19
- Business System: Businesses will now pay taxes for every purchase made by consumers. (LilDolla)
- Shaders: To request a skin/car shader, Contact Drake or RxDracula and make sure you fulfilled the requirements mentioned. (NizwaFTW)
- Shaders: Theres a limit of one car shader and one skin shader that can be bought with IG money. If a group/player wishes to have more than one shader. The group/player has to donate for it. (NizwaFTW)
- Shaders: Groups with over 15 active members may request a group skinshader for the price of 20m Ingame money. (NizwaFTW)
- Shaders: Any player with over 700 hours is eligible to request a private skin for Ingame money, It costs 20m. (NizwaFTW)

Saturday, 2018/11/17
- Criminals: Players will now get $2,000 per box and 10 of each drug when delivering boxes during the new raid. (LilDolla)

Friday, 2018/11/16
- Criminals: A new raid mission has been added to criminals. Go to the R blip on the map to check it out. Requires 5 criminals to start. (Kingpool + LilDolla + kerw36)

Sunday, 2018/11/11
- CnR: Added RxDracula as the new leader of criminal bosses. (NizwaFTW + Adeeb)

Friday, 2018/11/09
- Groups: Gave SWP an Official group title for being the most active civilian group. (NizwaFTW)
- Groups: Made it so only offical groups such as SWAT and Kilo Tray crips have titles. (NizwaFTW)
- Blackjack: Fixed a minor bug in blackjack. (EnemyCRO)
- Misc: Added Blackjack in LV Casino, the one with a dice blip. (NizwaFTW + LilDolla + Pancake + Kingpool)
- Forum: Reduced the poll duration from 14 to 7 days. (Electro)

Tuesday, 2018/11/06
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