Friday, 2022/07/01
- Criminals: Fixed pickpocketing not working. (Steve)

Wednesday, 2022/06/29
- Fisherman: Fixed markers spawning on land. Changed the icons from rings to Fish icons (Steve)
- Misc: Added over 50 new locations for hidden packages to spawn around all of SA. Added new rewards. (Gus/Nock)

Tuesday, 2022/06/28
- Drugs: Fixed drug lab markers not showing. (Steve)

Tuesday, 2022/06/21
- Mini-Missions: Changed the cost to enter a minimission from $20.000 to $1.000. The rewards have also been changed to fit the entry requirements and economy. Each one currently rewards $6.000 (Gus)
- Groups: Deleted ALL groups and group data. (Gus/Emile)
- Misc: Added more locations for hidden packages to appear. Changed the rewards from hidden packages. Beware of decoy packages! (Gus)
- Misc: Added more AI Cops and Criminals that spawn around the map when less than 10 of either team are on. Also made them spawn more frequently. (Gus)
- Criminals: Made it so you should no longer lose WL after getting over 10 WP. Cops should have more criminals to chase. (Gus)
- Jobs: Made it so you get 3 stars upon going /criminal. You should no longer be forced into Gen Population after being a criminal for 1 minute. (Gus)

Monday, 2022/06/20
- Housing: Removed all housing markers. Houses will be remapped over time. (Gus/Emile)
- Server: Reset account data. (Gus/Emile/Glenno)

Thursday, 2021/05/27
- Misc: Removed some things, changed some things. Nothing impactful. (Gus)

Saturday, 2021/01/30
- Housing: Added a new blip for apartments you can purchase and customize yourself so you can find these places on the map. (green house blip) (Gus)
- Criminals: Changed the cool down for store robbery from 4 minutes to 2 minutes. (Gus)
- Misc: Increased the marker size for LS bank rob so more than 2 people can fit inside of it. (Gus)
- Modshop: Added vehicle armor into the modshop under visuals. Less dmg from crashing. (Gus)
- Misc: Removed F10 animations due to exploits and a resource from another server. (Gus)
- Phone: Disabled the Chrome application. (Gus)
- Ammunation: Fixed losing your projectiles if you buy other projectiles kind, from now on you'll be refunded for what you had before buying new ones instead of completely losing them. (Remaked)
- Criminals: Fixed being able to rob some ammunation stores from outside. (Remaked)
- Misc: Added "Top Players", press F6 to check it out. Data updates every midnight server-time. (Remaked)
- Misc: You now can change your weapon crosshair through B > "Settings App" and then scroll down under "Player Preference" and pick one of the options provided(0 is Default GTA crosshair) (Remaked)

Saturday, 2021/01/23
- Misc: Added quizes back to the server. More quizes will be added in the future. (Gus)
- Criminals: Adding pick pocketing to the server. You can steal from cops and criminals. You have a chance to find handcuffs from cops to escape from them. (Gus)
- Misc: Fixed the marriage system GUI errors. Increased the prices of rings. (Gus)
- Misc: Stopped the Civililan Ministry resource. (Gus)
- Misc: Changed the amount food from food stores heal from 5% to 25%. Increase food costs. (Gus)
- Misc: Changed the Pay 'N' Spray markers to be more visible. (Gus)
- Misc: Changed the ammunation markers to fit the current marker style. (Gus)
- Misc: Removed the chatbox output from F10 animations. Fixed some typos, and changed info text color. (Gus)
- Misc: Changed the color of the repair kit markers. (Gus)
- Misc: Changed the color of the ATM markers to be more visible and fit the style. (Gus)
- Backend: Stopped the race track resource since it was broken. (Gus)
- Misc: Increased the price of repair kits. (Gus)
- Misc: Added more repair kit shops around the map at gas and mod shops. (Gus)
- Misc: Changed the color of the vending machine markers. (Gus)
- Misc: Increased the prices in vending machines to $1,000.The items in the vending machine now heal you for 25% from 5%. (Gus)
- Groups: Groups with a base or a hood can now purchase vending machines. Visit group board for details. (Gus)
- Backend: Fixed the IGC map converter not working. (Gus)
- Staff: Removed a number of staff members. We don't need a large team. (Gus)
- Misc: Removed the carshow area. (Gus)
- Weapons: Removed tear gas from ammunations. Will be re-added in a future feature. (Gus)
- Vehicles: Boats no longer use fuel. Therefore fuel markers for boats are removed. (Gus)
- Misc: Stopped the Criminal boss and Police chief resources. (Gus)
- Backend: Fixed some vehicle debug errors. (Gus)
- Premium: Changed the cost of PH with in-game money to $100,000. (Gus)
- Vehicles: Changed the prices of fuel and Nos in the shops. (Gus)
- IGC Update: Updates are being made however they are not pushed to the live server until we have a update schedule in place. Soon we'll start making update articles with sneak peeks and details about the upcoming updates. To stay up to date on what's currently being done make sure to check out the news board. (Gus)

Wednesday, 2020/11/04
- Weapons: Fixed bind weapons (Now you are able to switch categories using numbers) @Emile (ChicoRDL)
- Misc: Pedestrians animation customization: Key 'F10' | Styles: Assassin's Creed, GTA V & IV, Combat Style, Physical Animations. (Compatible Walking Style) (ChicoRDL)

Saturday, 2020/10/24
- Misc: Fixed recovering vehicles sometimes resulting in your vehicle to go 30% when it shouldn't. (Remaked/Carrot)

Saturday, 2020/10/17
- Misc: Added some peds around LS which will give you some mini-missions once you interact with them. You can suggest adding more mini-missions. (Remaked/Gus)

Thursday, 2020/10/08
- Weapons:: Fixed players being able to use RPG outside of LV. (Remaked)

Saturday, 2020/10/03
- Weapons: Removed cooldown for grenades and satchels, and reduced cooldown for molotoves/tear gas to 5 seconds. (Remaked)

Friday, 2020/10/02
- Law Enforcement: Added a Cargo Delivery event for police officers. All police officers who particiapte in it will be rewarded with cash, employment exp and group exp. (Remaked/Noble/ChicoRDL/Death/)

Tuesday, 2020/09/29
- Vehicles: Added AT-400 and Andromada to aircraft dealerships. (Remaked)

Monday, 2020/09/28
- Misc: Fixed a bug where you could abuse repair kit to get more than 100% vehicle health. (Remaked/ChicoRDL)

Sunday, 2020/09/27
- Civilians: Fixed Electrician job and re-enabled it. (Remaked/ChicoRDL )
- Vehicles: You can now recover your vehicle to yourself as a cop/crim with a cooldown 30 seconds. (External)

Saturday, 2020/09/26
- Emergency Services: Fixed Coroner and re-enabled it. (Remaked/Haider/Marx)

Friday, 2020/09/25
- Forum: Added Quality Assurance rank on forums for QA members. (Gus)
- Interiors: Made a cooldown that you can't enter interiors if you were damaged in the last 10 secs for Criminals, Gangsters, Cops. (Drake, Lee, Remaked)
- Staff Team: Logan passed trial staff. (Head Administration)
- Groups: Fixed wrong information being displayed when creating a new group. (Gus)
- Civilians: Replaced Squalo with the Jetmax for Mariner job. (Gus/Marx)
- Civilians: Fixed missing NPC for mariner job in SF. (Gus/Marx)
- IGC Information: Started updating F9, players can submit changes that need to made to F9 information by sending me a personal message. (Gus)
- Weapons: Lowered Country Rifle damage from 90 to 75 making it fair in combat. (Gus)
- Housing: You can no longer sale any house for over $20,000,000. (Gus)
- Civilians: You can now plant a max of 200 seeds as a beginner farmer. (Gus)
- Criminals: Added a missing food store robbery ped in Angel Pine. (Gus)

Thursday, 2020/09/24
- Weapons: Added a 10 second cooldown for all projectiles. (Remaked/StealthGamer/Haider)

Wednesday, 2020/09/23
- Weapons: Changed the amount of projectiles that u carry from 10 to 20 (Lee)
- Misc: Fixed an issue where the radio app in the phone would not convert and add music. (Emile)
- Vehicles: You can no longer recover a vehicle while being in another vehicle (External)
- CnR Events: Cnr events will be every 6 minutes instead of 10. (External)
- Drugs: Fixed cocaine being bugged by the "Character wheel" (Lee)
- Weapons: Nerfed sniper rifle damage (Emile & Glenno)

Tuesday, 2020/09/22
- Groups: Added base guards as a group perk. (Gus)
- Vehicles: Fixed vehicle prices. (Gus)

Monday, 2020/09/21
- Staff Team: Marx & Noble have been promoted to L2 Junior Staff. (Head Adminstration)
- Criminal Event: Disabled grenades inside criminal events. (External)
- Bug Reports: Disabled debug lines. (External)
- Hydra Missiles: Added 10 second-cooldown for hydra's missiles (Huge)

Sunday, 2020/09/20
- Base Missiles: Made it that General population, Emergency Services, Civilian workforce don't get attacked anymore when they enter a base that has air missiles. (Drake / Gus)
- Anti-Cheat: Criminals will not get anti-cheat triggered unless they are exploiting now. Raised the limit from 30,000 reputation an hour to 150,000 reputation an hour. If you reach 150,000 reputation within an hour you will trigger anticheat and need to wait to earn more. (Gus)

Saturday, 2020/09/19
- San Andreas: Started removing useless maps that are not needed to help players that have FPS issues. (Gus)
- Groups: Added a group perk for guards that protect your base from people that are not in your group. (Official groups only) (Gus)
- Criminals: Changed the rob time for ammunations from 3 minutes to 1 minute. (Gus)
- Groups: Changed the price to change your group name from $500,000 to $100,000. (Gus)
- Criminals: Criminals no longer get wanted for doing /criminal. (Gus)
- Groups: Changed the price to make a group from $1,500,000 to $20,000. (Gus)

Friday, 2020/09/18
- Civilians: Fixed Funeral Driver job and re-enabled it. (Remaked)
- Official Groups: Promoted Armed Forces to Official Group Level 1 (Glenno)

Thursday, 2020/09/17
- Los Santos: Made minor updates about LS, you'll notice it at the LS Ammunation Street. (Drake)

Wednesday, 2020/09/16
- Misc: Added 30 seconds cooldown after using repairkit. (External)
- Official groups: Official groups can have more than one job skin now, instead of auto-overriding the actual skin that you select from the panel that you can now see a custom division for your group and use their official skins from there or select default job skins from other divisions (Gat, Drake)
- Police Raid: Fixed every exploit you expect. (Huge)
- Misc: Removed an ammunation from the desert that had no interior. (Gus)
- Civilians: Fixed a bug where you were not able to drop off garbage as a trash collector. (Gus)

Tuesday, 2020/09/15
- Criminals: Made sea trafficking give a higher drug reward. (Gus)
- Official Groups: Promoted TGOD to Official Group Level 1 (Glenno)
- Group: Edited group perks, awards and pricing (Glenno)
- Official Groups: Opened Official Group recommendations: (Glenno)
- Official Groups: Given Official Group level 3 to SWP, Crips and SWAT Team (Glenno)
- Official Groups: Added Official Group levels (Glenno)
- Forum Suggestion Poll: Updated the forum suggestion poll from 7 days to 3 days instead because it takes a lot of time to update the server for so much suggestions. (Drake)

Sunday, 2020/09/13
- RPG: Now you cant use RPG weapon at any house or other dimensions except the main one. (Huge)
- Mods: Added Death as a mods handler, where he will be handling he mods that are added to /mods and the Skins & vehicle shaders of the players that want to get added. (Drake)
- Mods: Added Death as a mods handler, where he will be handling the mods that are added to /mods and the Skins (Drake)
- Carshow: Updated the carshow blip, it is now a car in orange background. (Drake)

Saturday, 2020/09/12
- Misc: Fixed a bug that would allow train drivers to be paid without stopping. (Nickelz)
- Anti-Cheat: Fixed anti-cheat triggering for criminals. It will now only trigger once you've gained over 30,000 experience in an hour. (Gus)
- Misc: Fixed a bug that would randomly not allow players to be paid or earn experience as a civilian. (Gus/Emile)

Friday, 2020/09/11
- Casino: Added more betting options to roulette. (Remaked)

Thursday, 2020/09/10
- Drugs: Added an extra reward for the police raid marked with a blue blip at LS.You will get 100 drugs of each once you complete the raid. (Huge)

Wednesday, 2020/09/09
- Freecam: Restricted freecam for General Population & Law & Medic due to exploiting it by the other sides. (Drake)
- San Fierro: Added a temporarily new texture for the roads in San Fierro. (Drake)

Tuesday, 2020/09/08
- IGC Roster: Updated the Staff Roster on forum, you are now able to check the topic to see who handles what duty, (Drake)
- Staff Team: Removed the Ministry system and added a duties system, where each staff has a duty now towards the server, which means the duties are divided so players don't have to ask the highest staff for help anymore. (Drake)
- Casino: Added roulette to LV Casino, for now you can only gamble on Red/Black and 0. (Remaked)
- Modshop: Re-added Old tuned "tune packages" panel and its accessed at the blip "Z" (Drake & Gat)

Monday, 2020/09/07
- Criminals: Added Black Market event which will occur once a week and will last 12 hours(Saturday 11am to 11pm GMT+0) (Remaked/Gus/Sam)

Sunday, 2020/09/06
- Marriage: Added marriage status to /stats panel (Gat - Death)
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