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Kings Crew ▶Main Page
« on: October 19, 2019, 09:16:06 am »

Group Name: Kings Crew
Group Creation Date: 12/08/2017
Group Type: Criminal
Group Founders: @Death,@Escaper
Group Co-Founders:PandaArTz, Boris
Group Leaders:@HerMiT
Group Skins: 230
Subdivisions and size
Founded with the philosophy of "overcoming racial prejudice" and creating an organization of "Kings"  the Latin Kings evolved into a criminal enterprise operating throughout the SA under two umbrella factions—Motherland, also known as KMC (King Manifesto and Constitution), and Bloodline (Los Santos City). All members of the gang identify as Latin Kings. Only today individuals of any nationality may be accepted as members.

Motherland faction
Latin Kings associating with the Motherland faction also identify as "Almighty Latin Kings Nation (Death and Escaper)," and make up more than 160 structured chapters operating in 158 cities in 31 states. The membership of those Latin Kings in SA is estimated to be 30 to 50
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