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Introduce Yourself / About iLeGenDx
« on: May 06, 2018, 09:38:12 pm »
Hi All My Name is Armen im From Armenia but my friends call me Mench im 20 old guy , my life is about 2 things Sport and Games started sport life from 5 years swimming and atletic 2 years after that i go to wrestling 7 years then Kickbox for 7 mounths K1 1 mouthns and over 4 mounths gym after that i went to Army for 2 years now im back just got some law problems and pc problems i want to collect money to buy better pc make my problems with law better because i can even get jailed for 8 year lal , yea thats not funny btw yea and soon i start going to gym again . About IG I'm new here im fighting for shotgun change and disbalance ) btw im old player 7 years like in MTA were played in all known Servers even wich now are dead :)
this is me im putting link because it can not interesnt you lal https://ibb.co/gPfDOn
you can find me on Instagram,Facebook,Vkontake by Mench Barsegyan

The Landfill / About IGC disbalance
« on: May 06, 2018, 09:12:26 pm »
Hi all today i want to talk about IGC server disbalance things wich are alot 1st of all i will start from jobs lets look at Law they got everything Weapons by levels car in wich they can buy armor hp weapon and alot of things like this lets look at Crims as we can see there is no place for crims like taking Crim job spawn Criminal car like Burrito and other cars can't take weapons like law but there is Criminal levels wich don't even give something you can promote in levels like from turfing but still getting same money from turfing please work on that and bring balance back , Weapons lets look fights in distance you can use sniper/rifle Ak-47/m4 what about near distance nothing only shotgun why ? Because only that weapon damage 50 got good range distance even like m4 what about deagle/Spas-12/sawn off and alot of weapons wich are useless for now ! why ? because of this overpowered weapon im not talking about this because i can't use it i can and well because there is even bug with weapon wich you can shoot fast then deagle , please make damage lower like deagle or make shooting speed or something like that because fights are not interesting you can die after 2 shot when don't use armor or drugs but thats not right because you die fast and no more fun or interest . So when it get change like shooting speed or low damage all will start using other weapons and there will be more interesting things like someone is playing with deagle and hes pro with that gun or someone is using moving weapons like colt or sawn off / tec / uzi . I hope you understand why i make this topic don't look only on your opinion staffs like NO I WANT SHOTGUN look at your players opinion 80% of players telling me yea your right make topics or make suggestions but they will not change why because its staff suggestion ? Let's play and have fun like in other places don't make dictator things please watch on your players opinion too just think how it will be when there will be balance no one will know Crim or Law this weapon or that weapon even that give interest and you start using all weapons checking damages looking with wich or in wich duty your better . I Hope if you accept my words do changes this server will grow up i only will be happy if that day come , because you got nice ideas about interior don't using markers to not lagg or wait Thank you IGC keep your job like this but read my topic and understand me and others .

IGC Server Developers / Shotgun Damage and other weapons stats
« on: April 25, 2018, 04:27:59 pm »
Suggestion: Shotgun Damage and other weapons stats , damage
Detailed explanation: i want to talk here about weapons damage and stats as we all know shotgun is edited and its overpowered and no one use other weapon from shotguns like sawn off or spas why ? because there is aim bug on shotgun you can shoot faster then spas if your skilled bug user and it damage higher then any weapon so i suggest to make low shoot so you can't shoot Shotgun fast or make it normal like others , reason of doing that  ? Reason is that its not only boring when all players use same weapon even overpowered because fight go down very fast . Even you can make panel where you can choose shotgun as normal with no edited things or it give high damage but shoot fast . Btw please don't forget about Shotgun bug yes there is bug when you aim shoot stop aim and aim again you can shoot again there is no reload all know it and yes please remove C when using Deagle because there is Deagle bug with C sitting you can shoot with deagle like Spas-12.
Location of update (location on map):
Any Skins or Shaders needed for this update?:
Is there payment for this update? If so place the payout here:

Denied Suggestions / system for law turfing RT - Radio Tower
« on: April 25, 2018, 04:19:03 pm »
Suggestion: RT - Radio Tower
Detailed explanation: i suggest to add 4 Radio Towers in each side of LV so it will be Crime and law fight in that turf if law capture it (blue) law can make all turfs not gained (white) and they will get XP and police XP but if they didn't capture it they they can't attack or neutralizing any turf . (+ small idea idk if you like or not i don't know about if law got radio tower while turfing Gangsters will get WP if RT is under law control)
Location of update (location on map): LV
Any Skins or Shaders needed for this update?: it should look like Radio Tower and have place for defend
Is there payment for this update? If so place the payout here:

The Landfill / About official Law group
« on: April 24, 2018, 03:28:14 pm »
Hi all im new in this server btw i want to talk about Official law group SWAT , why ? Just because they are doing criminal activitys as Gangsters , taking lv turfing killing in LS for turfs . This is not only my opinion its like law rules and all normal and other players know that if there is official law group its not allowed to do criminal activitys so i think its not a good think when SWAT is turfing as gangster and official group is getting Exp by turfing (Criminal activity) so lets think if there is official law group wich doing criminal activity it can't be official why ? Because official law group should have discipline what i didn't see in SWAT , Thank you for reading . (sorry for my English im not ideal)  if you will need proofs of turfing or doing criminal activitys i will send .

What about law turfing yes there is when law is turfing but its just neutralazing tooked turfs thats all what law should do .

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