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Job Guides / Gat's Paramedic guide [Picking Patients Mission]
« on: January 27, 2019, 12:45:18 pm »
  • Job Name: Paramedic.
  • How to start this mission: /medic (command).
  • How to stop this mission: /stopmedic (command).
  • Vehicles that you can use: Ambulance, Raindance.
  • Amount of patients you can help: Ambulance: 2 patients - Raindance: 1 patient.

1-Work as a paramedic.
Spoiler: show

2-Get into an ambulance/Raindance vehicle.
Spoiler: show

3-Type "/medic" or press f8 then type "medic".
Spoiler: show

4-Go to the marker that's on your mini map to your first patient.
Spoiler: show

5-Get out of your vehicle then go and heal him by pressing "z" button.
Spoiler: show

6-Get into your ambulance again and the patient will ride with you automatically.
Spoiler: show

7-Go to the second patient, he'll be marked on the map too, do the same thing with him.
Spoiler: show

8-Drive them to the hospital, it'll be marked on the map too, then get your payment.
Spoiler: show

Some notes: dying, destroying your ambulance vehicle, quiting ig, resigning of your medic job, or doing /stopmedic will cause stopping your mission, have fun :)

Denied Suggestions / Adding a mall
« on: November 23, 2018, 05:19:28 am »
Suggestion: title
Detailed explanation:adding a mall building which should be a big building with stairs inside it and some shops inside it, like an ammunition, pizza, burger, pharmacy, clothes, etc shops and some atms. It would be a nice feature.
And finding the most of shops in a single place (the mall) besides other shops around SA would be great.
Location of update (location on map):anywhere:ls, lv, sf, no matter, but I'd rather sf or ls
Any Skins or Shaders needed for this update?:
Is there payment for this update? If so place the payout here:

Development Queue / [Added]A New mission for cops
« on: November 17, 2018, 09:54:02 am »
Suggestion: disabling bombs
Detailed explanation: I was thinking about this suggestion with danger,
I suggest to make a new mission, that contains:
Every 10-20 minutes there will be a bomb at a random place, this place will contain tied peds (hostages) the cop will have to save these peds by disabling the bomb by solving some questions, guessing the pin of the lock, etc.. Then when he save them he will have to unscrew the rope that peds are tied with,
The cop will have to finish this mission before bomb get exploded and before getting killed by criminals he'll have to defend himself while doing the mission or his friends will cover him untill he finish.
When he finishes his mission, he'll receive 50k.
Location of update (location on map): some random locations on the map.
Any Skins or Shaders needed for this update?:
Is there payment for this update? If so place the payout here:

Punishment Appeals / [kick] Gat - punishment appeal
« on: September 14, 2018, 07:54:51 am »
Your IG name when you were punished: Gat|neXus
Account name: XxAmrSamyxX
Serial (F8 > Serial): D8ED7A5290EEDA48FC9FB5FC87AE0C53
The Admin that issued the punishment: Head developers/founders
What was the issued punishment (ban/mute/jail) & written reason: (kicking from dev team) recovering an account.
How long is the punishment:
Why do you think you were unfairly punished: Okay simply because i didn't know that it's for head staff only really... And they told me it's your last chance if u did something again u'll be out... And i didn't do anything again.. That's why i want this chance.. I spent a big hard working time and i want to continue my duty really and don't want it to be for nothing... Inside i apologized after the founder warned me about don't do anything again and just told him 'chill out dude' to stop being nervous and mad only... I wasn't telling him what to do as he thought really..
Explain what happened: okay... Since 4 days.. The head dev told me to stop all my scripts to rate/check them.. Actually i thought that he's gonna check my job to keep/kick/promote me... And i didn't have any access for my job but i was excited something... And i wanted to do any help by my current accesses to show myself more useful.. I checked dev queue but most of it wasn't in my trial accesses.. I checked the whole forum and found an account recovery request... And there's not any rules at this board so i thought that anyone can help will be able to help... So i asked him for hid serial and got all accs in his serial and actually they were in his serial... So they were for him actually... Then i added email recovery for these accounts to make him recover it by himself as there weren't any email linked with these accounts.. Then i told them that i recovered it.. Hope no one minds :) then i found most of them insulting me as i did this... And the head dev told me that "do u want to be kicked? Is this your goal? It's your last warning if u did anything again u'll be out" then i apologized and told him that's not my goal, I won't open the forum again else for dev queue.. chill out dude... Etc then he said are u gonna tell me what to do?...then kicked me... My purpose at first really was for helping.. And i told him chill out to chill out not for telling him what to do... And i really did hard work.. And wanna continue it... So I think it's unfairly because he told me it's ur last chance don't do anything again and i didn't do anything again.. Inside i was starting in medic stuff while he told me are u gonna tell me what to do?... So i couldn't reply him at the same time..
Additional notes (optional): thnx

Archive / [Medium] SF map bug
« on: September 06, 2018, 06:13:38 pm »
Short Description: the road is bugged
Priority (Low/Medium/High): Medium
Location of The Bug (/getpos[Optional]): 2415.624, -1958.958, 13.383 ( Willowfield )
Description of the Bug: when u drive here the car gets bugged and spams fallingng and respawning
Steps to Reproduce: just go there and test
Evidence of The Bug (SS/Video): https://forum.igcrpg.com/screenshots/7b0834eebf1e5e203cc0.png
Additional Information (Optional): confirmed by me and haider while doing mail carier job twice

Reported via /bug ingame by Gat[neXus] (XxAmrSamyxX)

Server News / ATLAS Gazette - A new job has been released!!
« on: September 03, 2018, 10:25:17 am »

Military vs. Terrorist

In 3 September 2018, 4:02 PM GTM+2 our news paper member wrote about his new project.

Spoiler: screen shots by Mady • show

At 1 September 2018 our developer Gat has been started his new project: Military vs Terrorist that suggested by Spyno.

In the ending of August. Gat decided to make a big script from development queue to increase players activities as players like doing any new features.... After three days of searching in development queue I and asking our staff team for a help. I fetched a nice accepted suggestion made by spyno... Military vs Terrorist.
In 1/9/2018 a beta version of the job had been released with some bugs.
By our staff team and players we got all bugs and fixed it.
Yesterday at 2 September 2018 I fixed all bugs... Or most of bugs we don't know if there's any other bugs but wr are ready for that just report any bug by /bug and mention me in a comment there.

Soon... Gat decides to improve the both jobs and make a guide of it on forums for who doesn't know how it works.

Just small tips: terrorists and militaries are unable to get the job nearby from together.
Criminals can't be terrorists
Terrorists haven't the same features of criminals
U've to be a police officer before being a military
Terrorists able to rob the van that marked on the map
Military able to save the van from the terrorists in their marker too.
Military and terrorists are able to fight together only.
If a bug happened and a military or a terrorist killed a criminal or a cop... You've to report him.

Suggest any additional features as u want on suggestions boarf by the true format.



Alaa.D decides to be a trusted member again and apply for staff

At Wednesday 29 August 2018, 10:25 AM GMT+2 | a private discord conversation

Our member Gat interviews Alaa.D about his opinion in IGC and what would he decides to do.

      Gat asked him about why would he likes to be a staff in IGC and back as a trust and a known member again? and what is his plan?..

Alaa: well, I want to be become a staff to support igc and do hard work because I owe them a lot.. They trusted me multiple times that I won't make other servers... And when our minds fucked up from other servers and why we don't receive players I decided to back to old good times at IGC and about they were true.

Will Alaa be active and a trusted member again?

Alaa: I'll be more active and bring some players to play in IGC to increase the activities and do my job as well...

Gat: so what's your opinion in IGT? Did u think it will be success as u was a head staff there?

Alaa: Well for first time yeah i thought that.. But after that I felt there's something wrong about why there's not players.. I found the answer was as IGC said... It's because stolen scripts... We tried to make an another server was not rpg but i didn't like it and didn't get players too so i felt sorry for IGC and decided to back a trusted member again.

Will he thinks to make an another server again?

Alaa: I won't make again... Like never!

What about if he got banned again?

Alaa: I won't because I'm not a person who break rules.. All my last bans were for other servers with stolen scripts.

It's a nice answer but we need the correct answer for this question exactly.

Alaa: I'll do an another appeal.

people opinions:

Gat: good luck.
Nock: Alaa is 75% reformed
Khush: Nice guy.

Denied Suggestions / /balance for wallet and transferring bank money
« on: August 29, 2018, 01:39:23 am »
Suggestion: title explains everything.
Detailed explanation: adding /balance command to be able to see your pocket/bank/both balances... And transferring money from your bank account to any other's account.... (as an additional feature like wallet app in IGCdroid (B)).
Location of update (location on map): N/A
Any Skins or Shaders needed for this update?: N/A
Is there payment for this update? If so place the payout here: N/A

Server News / ATLAS Gazette - Quotes center
« on: August 28, 2018, 09:20:16 am »

Quotes Center of ATLAS Gazette IGC's news
Here you can post any type of quotes for our news paper

Permission to use the logo was granted by Electro

Archive / [Invalid] no training here
« on: August 21, 2018, 03:38:24 pm »
Short Description:  its not a bug  but there isnt a training in this ammunation
Priority (Low/Medium/High): Low
Location of The Bug (/getpos[Optional]): 291.268, -28.499, 1001.516 ( Unknown )
Description of the Bug: same as i said above ... in SF ammunation
Steps to Reproduce: just go to there
Evidence of The Bug (SS/Video): https://forum.igcrpg.com/screenshots/e2d8ee5a7605841ab1d9.png
Additional Information (Optional):

Reported via /bug ingame by Gat|neXus (XxAmrSamyxX)

Application Center / [Developer application] Gat
« on: August 18, 2018, 05:49:50 am »
"Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job." — Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering

General Information — Part 1
Ingame Name: Gat[NeXuS]
Ingame Account Name: XxAmrSamyxX
Serial: D8ED7A5290EEDA48FC9FB5FC87AE0C53
Ingame Playtime: 95hrs

Age: 16
Country of Residence: Egypt
Understanding of English(1-10): 10
Time Zone: GMT+2
Project(s) you've been a part of/contributed to: IGT, CIG, NGC

General Information — Part 2

A short paragraph about yourself. My real name is Amr Samy I live in Egypt, I'm a person who interested in developing and scripting stuff since last year.. I've 16 years old.. and I've many good friends, neighbors, school mates here invited by me. that's my personality information   
Why would you like to be a member of the IGC Development Team: I'm free 24/7 and I like to waste my time in scripting discord bots & MTA scripts...so I'm deciding to develop here in my best server that i spent more than 1 year in it. And you can ask about my experience ... ask who know me well in scripting like khush he knows that I'm already helping may guys and teaching them in someone's community.
Programming Languages I am knowledgeable in: js, Lua, mySQL, html, and learning c++ at this time
Do you have an understanding of the Lua programming language? (Yes/No): Yes

Conditions — Part 3
As a developer, you agree to develop features that aid yourself and other people unfairly (Yes/No): No
You agree to not tamper with script(s) to purposely render them unfunctional (Yes/No): Yes
I agree not to do as I may be told by upper ranking developers (Yes/No): No
I agree not to compromise server security by giving access to anything I get (Yes/No): Yes
I agree that if I break any of the above terms that I will not only be removed as a developer, but may face other consequences based on the severity. (Yes/No): Yes
I agree that I will not leak any sensitive data that may spoil things for the community (Yes/No): Yes
I agree not to leak any scripts to the public (Yes/No): Yes
I confirm that the information stated throughout the application is truthful and not a lie (Yes/No): Yes

Proof — Part 4

In a sentence or two, describe what an event handler is, and what it accomplishes: Event handler is an event that when it happens it triggers the functions that based on it by addEventHandler. And it's useful for everything like triggering a function onPlayerDamage...and u able to add custom events by addEvent to trigger such client functions from server events, or the negative.
I will send one of my own scripts to an head developer (Emile or LilDolla) right after posting my application. Yes

Application Signature — Part 5

I Gat, acknowledge that my application may be either accepted or denied.

Denied Suggestions / A small suggestion for VIPs[premium hours usage]
« on: August 03, 2018, 02:21:42 pm »
Suggestion: A feature for VIPlayers who uses premium hours
Detailed explanation: Okay i just suggest to let premium hours users able to drive by their cars on water. It will be nice
Location of update (location on map): N/A
Any Skins or Shaders needed for this update?: N/A
Is there payment for this update? If so place the payout here: N/A

General Chat / Hello
« on: July 17, 2018, 11:01:55 pm »
Hi guys wassup i had many time without visiting this forum again <3 XD

Resolved Complaints / [Forum]Complain- Nock
« on: June 11, 2018, 06:26:02 am »
Ingame Name: Gat
Forum Name: Gat
Serial: D8ED7A5290EEDA48FC9FB5FC87AE0C53

Name of player you're complaining against: Nock
What rule have they broken: Flaming
Date/Time the rule was broken: May 24, 2018, 09:29:31 am, and June 09, 2018, 07:28:17 pm
Evidence of them breaking a rule:
A7A you will never change eat my shit
Aha for me you just said you'll change but i still didn't see a shit
And flaming me on nxs discord server.

Archive / [Invalid] SF bank
« on: May 26, 2018, 01:37:10 am »
Short Description: there is'nt a ladder
Priority (Low/Medium/High): High
Location of The Bug (/getpos[Optional]):
Description of the Bug: the ladder that in SF bank robbery  isn't visible
Steps to Reproduce: .
Evidence of The Bug (SS/Video): https://imgur.com/a/3eUb47W
Additional Information (Optional):

Reported via /bug ingame by Gat|Nexus (XxAmrSamyxX)

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