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Groups Recovery Request
« on: April 13, 2020, 07:38:33 am »
As many of you know, the IGC had a bug that kicked all players in their own groups and, as I have 3 accounts, I was kicked in 3 groups and therefore I am making a request to recover those groups, if possible!

One of the groups is the SWAT team, a group that was not created by me and that has already been recovered, so there is nothing to do with that group; the other groups were created by me and a friend (if you want, I can ask for a "letter of permission" from my friend to take control of the group, but I already got control of the group before the bug out of control, Drake can confirm this).

Below, you can see information about groups and my accounts:

Serial: DFAD52FA13D278E86CE10801FE1A3693

Ingame name: Russan
Account name: IntrusionXYZ
Lost Group: Dark Knights
Group ID: 4300
NOTE: This was the group created by my friend (Crass / MagMag)

Ingame name: Alysson
Account name: alyssonbryan
Lost Group: >.<
Group ID: 5419
NOTE: This group was created by me
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