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epic staff aplication - Allah
« on: May 02, 2020, 07:55:51 pm »

gay Application

In-urethra Information

Ingame Name: FAGGOT69Allah
Account Name: 5613613615 16/22
Link to Forum Profile: kekma.ga
Playhours In-game: GAY
Average Ping: XDLol
Discord Username: faggot#5613

Real-life-real lize- real lies -real eyes

Age: 1
Timezone:  +69 UHT non condensed milk eu standard
Description of your personality: chaotic evil

Stuff-related information

Why do you want to join the staff team, why should we accept you? i dont really but you seem like lonely people so
What will you do after getting accepted as a staff member? literally deestroy the fucking server
How is your connection with IGC and the community so far? circus and bread, the people love me

Rules and disAgreements

I agree that I will not gain any unfair advantages with the powers that are given to me to do my duty as a staff: what? no
I agree that I will listen to orders given by higher level staff members: no way lol
I do not agree that I need to spend free time in doing staff related work: nizwa will cover my ass
I agree that I will show a professional attitude and that I will give a good example to players: pen
I agree that my powers will be provoked when I break any IGC rule or when I misuse any of my powers:is
I agree that I will always think fair and logically. I will punish based on those thoughts and the evidence the reporter made: the quran says that i have to fuck kids

Re: epic staff aplication - Allah
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thank you for acepting me i am very humbled

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Re: epic staff aplication - Allah
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Re: epic staff aplication - Allah
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2020, 11:07:49 pm »
Accepted DM me for an invitation to the discord server