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[Medium] Gangster Photographer
« on: March 25, 2020, 04:11:48 pm »
Short Description: The server crashed in the lsst 20 minutes, when i got back i see the tab
Priority (Low/Medium/High): Medium
Location of The Bug (/getpos[Optional]):
Description of the Bug: I think it was cause before the crash i was a gangster and when i get in the server changed the job to photographer, it's a probblty
Steps to Reproduce: There are not steps, i dont know when the server will crash
Evidence of The Bug (SS/Video): https://forum.igcrpg.com/screenshots/a863eb221db7033a7140.png
Additional Information (Optional): Nock has a nice face, its a good staff, i' his goddmn fan xd

Reported via /bug ingame by POT(putito) (SergioDPinto2)
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