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Average Ping on IGC:[/color][/b]:60 ping
- How long have you been playing on IGC in hours::I have been playing for 77Hours.
- Screenshot of how long you have been playing on IGC (Post as a link! Tab): : https://imgur.com/3KB5qVZ
- How many arrests do you have::133 ARRESTS
- Screenshot of how many arrests you have (Post as a link! F5 ):: https://imgur.com/zmLfACi
- Screenshot of your weapon skills (Post as a link! /stats > weapons):: https://imgur.com/ajemLuq


- Do you use Discord?:Yes
- What should the SWAT Team expect from you if you are accepted?::My help and frienship.
- Do you have friends that are in the SWAT Team? (Yes or No)::Yes
- If Yes for above, what are their names? (Optional)::Darkone
- Previous groups that you have been in on IGC::DonĀ“t remember the group name
- What makes you different from the other applicants? Why should the SWAT Team accept you instead of them? :I am respectfull and i like really to help the SWAT t grow.

PRELIMINARY JOB QUESTIONS::I dont have any job questions!

- What would you do if a wanted player is near you while you are in a training?:I would stop my training and start to follow the criminal.
- What would you do if you are being shot at during a training?:I would say to him to stop if he doesn`t stop i take action to arrest him.
- How should you treat other players?: I should treat other players with respect and try to help them if they need help.
- If you are on pursuit with a suspect in a vehicle without a gunner/partner what maneuver would you do to stop the vehicle?: I should first teel the player to stop the vehicle imediatly and if he doesn`t stop i try to stop the car by crash my car into the suspect so the vehicle would stop.
- What do you do if there are suspects sniping on a inaccessible roof top?i would teel them to stop, if they continue i would take action to arrest the suspects.
- For what reasons would you use the radio chat?when i am in pursuit
- How would you organize a patrol to keep San Andreas clear from criminals?i would use a plane because its faster and i would be watching the map to see where the criminals are.


- Do you want to share anything else? (Optional)::no
- I have read all the SWAT Team rules and agree to obey all of them at all times no matter what happens. All of the above information is real and written by myself. I also agree that I may be kicked if I happen to disobey any of these rules at any given time.  (Yes or No)::Yes i do agree to follow all the swat rules and also the game rules!
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