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Staff App - !HerMiT
« on: November 30, 2019, 05:14:46 pm »

Staff Application

In-game Information

Ingame Name:GA-!HerMiT*AF
Account Name:Eslampepo2002
Link to Forum Profile:https://forum.igcrpg.com/?action=profile;area=forumprofile
Playhours In-game:+700
Average Ping:80-110
Discord Username:!HerMiT#1854

Real-life Information

Description of your personality:I'm serious but like jokin' a bit, i'm looking forward to being a successful man in my own life, i prefer to play p.c games than any entertainment in my spare time, i like programming games so i've started with lua as my first aim for programming multi theft auto.

Staff-related information

Why do you want to join the staff team, why should we accept you? Obviously, i'm here to apply for be a staff because i'm active player who spends his time for helping newbies. Also i have some experience for leading new players because i have been playing in I.G.C +700 H so i gained experience. i'll increase my activity by the time , do my best to find bugs and help others in general support. i have posted more suggestions but i'm going to suggest more for make I.G.C better again. As my vote is always related with a proof and a valid reason. Even if am not going to be accepted this time , I will keep my activity hoping to get it next time because this rank would let me increase my activity a lot but not getting it will not stop me.But for me get all my goals here, I will take the responsibility and of course be trust full. If there will be any duty open for me which i'm asked to help with I will help however I can. I definitely will be loyal and will prove it.Also i have just reported some bugs I.G so i'm going to report more than them so i'll do my best to find it.
What will you do after getting accepted as a staff member?My activity would be increased yeah as i said for doing my duties towards the community right as a staff, i'd achieve the justice among players as much as i could, i'd view the forum frequently to keep up with new news, suggestions, reports, etc.
How is your connection with I.G.C and the community so far?I might have a good popularity, but i'll do my best to get on with everyone.

Rules and Agreements

I agree that I will not gain any unfair advantages with the powers that are given to me to do my duty as a staff:I agree.
I agree that I will listen to orders given by higher level staff members:I agree.
I do not agree that I need to spend free time in doing staff related work:I do not agree.
I agree that I will show a professional attitude and that I will give a good example to players:I agree.
I agree that my powers will be provoked when I break any I.G.C rule or when I misuse any of my powers:I agree.
I agree that I will always think fair and logically. I will punish based on those thoughts and the evidence the reporter made:I agree.