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answer to "Ideas regarding the Global Reset..."
« on: October 10, 2019, 03:16:24 pm »
I've seen the publication of the things yall want to implement, obviously taking the opinion of the players
I gave myself the task of make an answer, through a topic, to that publication, because the answers are blocked
addressing several of the points addressed in the Nizwa issue, from my point of view

Your Name/Names:SDP
Point addressed:What drugs would you like to see and what would their functions be (3)
Detailed explanation on the changes and how its going to be:the current system works in an insufficient way, in the case of the drug that grants 140hp: when the effect ends you have to activate it again, this causes life to go down to 100 and at the time of using it the space of life increases but it does not rise to the maximum point (140), drugs have to have binds but at the least opportune time the effect of them ends and you do not realize, thus creating a great difficulty in combat, I think they should put the old system, which allows the automatic use of drugs

Point addressed: Daily and weekly missions, Example adding a rob 5 stores missions for criminals, or kill 5 criminals for cops, Rob 5 banks, etc.. (5)
Detailed explanation on the changes and how its going to be: This is the best idea Ive ever seen, a system that not only allows you to get money for missions that add difficulty, purposes or new elements to the game, the missions could also award points, for when the "top 10 list" is in new operation will show the names of the players who have completed more missions, more points have been earned for doing missions quickly and efficiently, the purpose of the achievements or missions will not only be to earn money, it would also show the true quality of the players, the missions were coming from doing jobs, killing players, doing criminal or police missions, among many others

Point addressed:

  • F2 - Properties button and how it should work and how it affects the current properties and what good is the existance of a group property? (8]
  • Which businesses would you like to see, where and how would they work/Add food businesses and add factories for each type of business (2)

Detailed explanation on the changes and how its going to be:It would be interesting a system of almost creating your own mafia, also having the opportunity to buy properties such as appliances stores, food and even hairdressers - // - if you realize, there are several stores that do not fulfill any function in the game, stores , so to say "decorative", have the option to buy these properties that allow you to get weekly income, have shipments and orders, turn the city into a small civilization, be able to attack the stores or properties of other players, it sounds interesting, create true wars between criminal groups, having better ways to generate income also taking care of stores, is definitely worthy of a mafia movie, don't you think?

Point addressed:How do you expect the new tuning system to be? Would u still like to keep the speedpacks? or get rid of them entirely (1)
Detailed explanation on the changes and how its going to be:this option is sealed, however, I want to give a point of view. Several players do not understand very well how the engine modification system works, brakes, turbo, elements in a car, we are talking about a game that initially does not have such elements, it would be good if the other options were directly (those that were placed AFTER remove the "old tuned"), the options that allowed you to modify the car to make it faster, skidding and all terrain

Point addressed:Playing the game on hardcore. Some things need to be almost impossible to get like a high end car or an airplane. Further details on how this gonna work is needed. (10)
Detailed explanation on the changes and how its going to be:What do you think of a level system? In which, until you meet certain requirements, you will not be able to get some of the items you want to buy, you have to have some time in the game, a certain level of work, a certain level in your group, certain statistics, to be able to buy sports cars, heavy weapons, special vehicles, as if it were the levels in the police or in some jobs, only in this case they are more directed for daily life

Point addressed:Any changes to current jobs? (11)
Detailed explanation on the changes and how its going to be: I am currently one of the most active players, Ive reached level 45 of employee, Level 5 in several jobs, but along that small path I realized that the difference in earnings has not changed in the least, I am winning very little, I have even devoted myself almost entirely to being criminal, being lower level but earning more, it does not make much sense, personally I think that they should increase the payment of the civil area, lower prices to a critical point, that decision has been in force until today, it really seems that they want to apply realism in its entirety, lowering the profits of civil areas and increasing criminals

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Re: answer to "Ideas regarding the Global Reset..."
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2019, 04:09:02 pm »
Not a suggestion .
Topic moved, next time it will be removed.