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The Civilian Manifesto vol.2-Positive steps.
« on: March 25, 2018, 04:23:50 am »

Positive steps are being made-Civilian is going to be revived

So,after vol.1 of my Civilian Manifesto,I've noticed that many positive steps are being made towards the revival of the Civilian side.Going into the game,you will probably see a high number of Civilians almost equal or even more than the Law Units and Criminals.This makes me,and the Civilian side very pleased since it is very positive to have a high number of workers everyday.Credits to the IGC development team that has offered a vast variety of Civilian jobs so everybody is pleased.

Also,the SA Worker's Party has been created by the merge of Legion and The Silent Worker,and has managed to have 14 members in just 3 days.That shows that the Civilian side is keen to collect itself in an active,dedicated group.

Issues are still here,but are easily fixable.

On the other hand,even though many positive things have happend over the last few days,I believe that the Civilian side still has various issues that could easily be fixed by the IGC superiors.

Problem 1:Job progress being annoying for many jobs.

The job progress is very annoying,on almost every job.For example,Mechanic is pretty much useless due to the existence of Pay and Spray,so Mechanics can only earn some money by doing the Towing Mission.The point is,the Towing mission gives no job progress.So,you're left with earning money that's not even worth the effort since the job is underpaying anyways.Also,Paramedics are very useless when fights aren't happening and even when fights are actually happening,they are being accused of stealing money from people,thus getting killed.So,it is nerve wracking to accumulate job progress when having the desire to play Paramedic.

Problem 2:Extreme inbalance of jobs

Inbalance is a major issue of the Civilian side.Experiment it yourself if you are doubtful,take a player with L1 Employment and L0 on the job to do Train Driver and take a player with L1 Employment and L0 on the job to do Mariner or Coroner (for instance).You will surely notice that the former will have earned almost nothing in 1 hour of working,while the other player will have almost leveled up on the job,having earned lots of money.This is a big reason why Civilians are greatly neglected.The extreme job inbalance makes it so players do only one job (these days it is Pilot) just cause it pays well,even though they might not even like that job and just do it because they earn a ton of money.

Conclusion and Future Plans

To conclude this second part of my Manifesto,I will have to say that even though positive things are currently happening,there are still various issues that remain there just to bother the prosperity of the Civilian side.For now,I am hoping that those issues be fixed as soon as possible in order to make Our side great again.

If those issues persist regarding the civilian side,I'll make even more parts of the Manifesto.

On behalf of SWP and the Civilian Side,
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Re: The Civilian Manifesto vol.2-Positive steps.
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