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Resolved Complaints / Complain- Marcoset
« on: November 07, 2018, 02:54:30 am »
Ingame Name:Bonnie
Forum Name:Bonnie
Serial: A5E17ECB085CCB476066B894530C8544

Name of player you're complaining against:Marcoset
What rule have they broken:Random Deathmatching
Date/Time the rule was broken:dont remember
Evidence of them breaking a rule:so well i was afk and JD my friend was Driving my Infernus and Marcoset was up in my car and i was afk so when i came back from afk i saw that my car is complety destroyed and JD explained me and he had one ss of that  https://imgur.com/R9jW9y2

Punishment Appeals / Appeal - Soldier
« on: July 14, 2018, 10:34:25 am »
Your IG name when you were punished:Soldier
Account name:OMKAR
Serial (F8 > Serial): A5E17ECB085CCB476066B894530C8544
The Admin that issued the punishment:Shomile
What was the issued punishment (ban/mute/jail) & written reason:Ban
How long is the punishment:7 days ban
Why do you think you were unfairly punished:
Explain what happened:i was in my First Account and Sam-Fisher was my Friend and he was online and we both were Talking in Friends chat and he told me that send me the IP of the server i told him okay Check Discord than he told me i cant Network Trouble something like that than i Copied that IP of one server and send him in PM than Sam got it and told send like this : than i send him that Ip maybe 3 times than SG- StealthGamer was also Online than maybe he Checked our PM and than he told me why alca you Advertising and he quit than i also quit after sometime than when i Check IGC Discord i saw that i got banned
Additional notes (optional):Sorry


Forum Profile: https://forum.igcrpg.com/?action=profile
Timezone: UTC+5
Country of Residence: India
Current Forum Rank: -
Requested Rank: CM

IG Account Name: Omkar
IG Serial: A5E17ECB085CCB476066B894530C8544
IG Group (if any): cashout crew

In your own words, why do you deserve to be a _ Community Member (minimum 100 words , Write atleast 150 words if you are applying for JCM+): i want to be a community Member because i have good hours and i deserve to be a Community member and  i will very pround that i will be a Community member and i hope i get accepted because my wish was to be a community member and i hope i will be a Member and i am active and IGC and also and in fourms also and i would really like to be a community member and i have my hours upto 500 577 hours i have this much hours and i am damn sure to be a community member and i hope i get accepted because i have did everything in my community member application so thank you i hope i get accepted...

SWAT / [Denied] swat team application-ALCATRAX
« on: April 20, 2018, 05:57:40 am »



- In-game Name (Capital Sensitive!): ALCATRAX
- In-game Account Name (Capital Sensitive!): OMKAR
- MTA Serial (Capital Sensitive!):  A5E17ECB085CCB476066B894530C8544
- Nationality: india
- GMT Time Zone: 05:30
- Discord username (Optional): ALCATRAX
- Skype username (Optional):


- Average Ping on IGC: 100_150
- How long have you been playing on IGC in hours: 344
- Screenshot of how long you have been playing on IGC (Post as a link! Tab): https://imgur.com/a/ZqMf2cJ
- How many arrests do you have: 448
- Screenshot of how many arrests you have (Post as a link! F5 ): https://imgur.com/a/KxpAmYu
- Screenshot of your weapon skills (Post as a link! /stats > weapons): https://imgur.com/a/938gV1R


- Do you use Discord? YES
- What should the SWAT Team expect from you if you are accepted?: if they accept me i will  help them respect them and help them and i will prove that i am capable in swat team
- Do you have friends that are in the SWAT Team? (Yes or No): yes
- If Yes for above, what are their names? (Optional): walterwhite,khaldrogo
- Previous groups that you have been in on IGC: DEA
- What makes you different from the other applicants? Why should the SWAT Team accept you instead of them? if you accept me i will respect swat members help them in to  kill crimianls and help them while they are turfing


- What would you do if a wanted player is near you while you are in a training? if there is a wanted player i will ask my traniner that may i arrets him or not
- What would you do if you are being shot at during a training? I will do what my trainer will say if he will tell to arrest i will do  what he says or i will not arrets him
- How should you treat other players? i will treat players with respect

- If you are on pursuit with a suspect in a vehicle without a gunner/partner what maneuver would you do to stop the vehicle? if i dont have a gunner or partner i will take hydra or ruslter from base and chase them and arrets them
- What do you do if there are suspects sniping on a inaccessible roof top? i will try to snipe them if and try my best or i will take ruslter or hydra from base to kill them
- For what reasons would you use the radio chat? I will use to communicate to other cops and if i need help i will use it and i will request backup
- How would you organize a patrol to keep San Andreas clear from criminals? i will make group of cop team and go to crimainls and we will help each other and kill crimainls


- Do you want to share anything else? (Optional):
- I have read all the SWAT Team rules and agree to obey all of them at all times no matter what happens. All of the above information is real and written by myself. I also agree that I may be kicked if I happen to disobey any of these rules at any given time.  (Yes or No): YES

Created and copyrighted in 2017 by IGC SWAT Team.

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