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Resolved Complaints / Complain- Marcoset
« on: November 07, 2018, 02:54:30 am »
Ingame Name:Bonnie
Forum Name:Bonnie
Serial: A5E17ECB085CCB476066B894530C8544

Name of player you're complaining against:Marcoset
What rule have they broken:Random Deathmatching
Date/Time the rule was broken:dont remember
Evidence of them breaking a rule:so well i was afk and JD my friend was Driving my Infernus and Marcoset was up in my car and i was afk so when i came back from afk i saw that my car is complety destroyed and JD explained me and he had one ss of that  https://imgur.com/R9jW9y2

Punishment Appeals / Appeal - Soldier
« on: July 14, 2018, 10:34:25 am »
Your IG name when you were punished:Soldier
Account name:OMKAR
Serial (F8 > Serial): A5E17ECB085CCB476066B894530C8544
The Admin that issued the punishment:Shomile
What was the issued punishment (ban/mute/jail) & written reason:Ban
How long is the punishment:7 days ban
Why do you think you were unfairly punished:
Explain what happened:i was in my First Account and Sam-Fisher was my Friend and he was online and we both were Talking in Friends chat and he told me that send me the IP of the server i told him okay Check Discord than he told me i cant Network Trouble something like that than i Copied that IP of one server and send him in PM than Sam got it and told send like this : than i send him that Ip maybe 3 times than SG- StealthGamer was also Online than maybe he Checked our PM and than he told me why alca you Advertising and he quit than i also quit after sometime than when i Check IGC Discord i saw that i got banned
Additional notes (optional):Sorry

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