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L3. KT$Crips / Re: Kilo Tray Crips - Application Center [OPEN]
« on: March 20, 2018, 06:44:25 am »
1. Real Life Info

1.1 Your real name:Gawad
1.2 Age:17
1.3 Gender:Male
1.4 Nationality:arabic
1.5 Tell us something about yourself (minimum 50 words):My name In server Is RB-Thunder-RPG and i'm play football everyday and i'm started play MTA.SA from 2010 and I'm I can Help everyone need anything and keep him happy from me.

2. In-game Info

2.1 Your In-game name:RB-Thunder-RPG
2.2 Your account name:ThunderXIII
2.3 Serial (F8 - serial):C965272BA57BE1B2973DF3B597B5EE02
2.4 Your previous groups:none
2.5 Tell us something about your time in IGC (minimum 30 words):On IGC I have learned to be respectful with people and with admins and well i started this server before 1 months  but i have enjoyed my time here
2.6 Stats (screenshot):https://imgur.com/UUhpjet

3. Why do you want to join us?

3.1 Why do you want to join us? (minimum 30 words): like that group and i have friends there and i love the criminals Group and i have friends there that why i wanna join CRIP.
3.2 Why should we accept you? (minimum 20 words): want to be accepted that I have many friends in the clan,and I want to be with you in group to promote me.

4. Agreement

4.1 I will troll and spam Crips members. (Y/N):no
4.2 I will leave Crips after 2 weeks. (Y/N):no
4.3 I copied my application from another person. (Y/N):no
4.4 I will respect my group mates and my leaders. (Y/N):yes

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