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Punishement appeal - TwiSTeD
« on: January 23, 2019, 02:10:58 pm »
Your IG name when you were punished: TwiSTeD[CD
Account name:houssam
Serial (F8 > Serial):No Need
The Admin that issued the punishment:[IGC]Danger|SWAT
What was the issued punishment (ban/mute/jail) & written reason:Jail ( cheating / explosing X3)
How long is the punishment:30 mins then reduced to 10 mins as you will see in the picture
Why do you think you were unfairly punished: That all started when i was doing a training to new players in my group about fighting , then Danger Came and did /turf and fought me , all was good But , when Intrusion went medic and started healing Danger , i see that Not fair , so i went to safe zone then resigned , then i came back to danger and said that not fair you were fighting with medic , He Told : i will jail you , then he jailed me for cheating x3 (30 mins) then 10 mins . I see that not cheat or abouse i just resigned Because that was not fair . When he jailed me i told him that not fair and i will report you then he started making  fun of me by spaming link of IGC and telling me go report.
Explain what happened:i told all the story above
Additional notes (optional): what i did not understand is : why X3 ??
  Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/MTbQR3A
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Re: Punishement appeal - TwiSTeD
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2019, 06:47:56 pm »
sorry for doing that, removed from your records
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