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Title: Apology to the surfer management for all that I did
Post by: MoZ3eG on February 26, 2020, 04:20:10 am
Your IG name when you were punished:FTW|MoZ3eG_Pro
Account name:yosef2017
Serial (F8 > Serial):226BF03262092248138B35BEDF7D6DA3
The Admin that issued the punishment:[IGC]Drake|SWAT
What was the issued punishment (ban/mute/jail) & written reason:ban
How long is the punishment:for 60 days
Why do you think you were unfairly punished:I deserve what I got
Explain what happened:I broke all server rules and cheated. I will not do this after this day. I hope you will allow me
Additional notes (optional):
-i agree that i wont break any IGC rule again : i agree
- i agree that i will be loyal to IGC and respect all other players : i agree
 - i agree that if i didn't respect one of mentioned agreements will leads me to a permanent ban : i agree
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