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IGC Modshop guide
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First of all let's start by explaining the available upgrades :

Brake Bias :
Brake bias in short means how strong your brakes are in other words it's in how much time you can stop your car , this of course depends on the speed you're running on but that's the concept .
to be more detailed , brake bias aka brake balance it's how much braking power (%) you're sending to your rear and front wheels .
a car has obviously 100% braking bias however , the percentage can be " shared " differently .
an RWD car will have more braking bias in the rear wheel however an FWD will have more braking bias in the front wheels .
You don't want to have 100% braking bias in the rear wheels nor in the front wheels because the car will lose it's balance.
If you're new to the modshop and you don't want to experiment the best thing to do is to keep this upgrade in the middle .
TIP : The most " balanced " handling mode is the AWD

Weight Reduction :
We all know the general concept of this , the car is lighter ? yes ? well it's a little bit more than that , if you max your car weight your car speed will increase up to 10mph and it will consume less fuel because you're reducing the power required to move the vehicle , that's all good however , lightening your car alot will make it harder to control at high speed because the body of the car won't be strong enough to keep the car steady at high speed.

TIP : The best way to make your car fast without making it totally uncontrollable is to put the weight reduction in about 65 or 60 % that way you'll gain some speed without your car going nuts at high speed .

Turbo :
This one is simple , the turbo makes the car consume more fuel , which gives the engine more power . Maxing this will transform your car into a fuel consuming monster , however it'll considerably increase the engine power which is good ( on paper )

TIP : i personally never max turbo , i'd like my infernus to run up to 250mph and still be controllable , not 280mph and uncontrollable as hell , however if you insist on maxing turbo it'll make the car faster for sure .
My tip is to always find balance.

Tire Traction :
Tire traction is your tires's behaviour towards the ground . in other words , if you're building a " super infernus " and you want it to go fast without drifting and crashing into walls you need to max tire traction , because your tires will be able to generate enough energy to stay glued to the ground , hence the ability to turn comfortably at 252mph.

TIP : If you're building a supercar , you max it . If you're building a drift car you don't max it you try to balance it as much as you can .

Brake deceleration :
Eh this one is very complicated but maxing it is good , it makes the braking feel better , the car stops a little bit faster and feels steadier in high speeds .

TIP : Max it or keep it in the middle , toying with this upgrade is just messy .

Engine Power :
Horsepower , it's the power that an engine can put out , the higher the power the faster your car will be , simple as that . Maxing it depends on what kind of vehicle you're building but if you're building a supercar just max it .
No tips here this is basic stats .

Drive Type :
Rear Wheel Drive ( RWD ) : it's the oldest drive type ever , The 1885 Benz Patent-Motorwagen was an RWD , Rear wheel drive is when the engine sends it's power mainly to the rear wheels , you'll feel that your car goes up a bit when you accelerate , that's RWD .
In my humble opinion this is the best drive type because i mainly use cars to drift anyways .
RWD , will give you a fast acceleration in the early levels , but once the car reaches it's top speed it'll feel weird .
TIP : If you want a car that accelerates fast RWD is the way to go . i don't think it's a good call for supercars.

Front Wheel Drive ( FWD ) : The engine will send it's power to the Front Wheels , however this will result in alot of problems , mainly handling problems . an FWD vehicle will feel lighter , yet it'll feel slow .
i'd go FWD only for an offroad build .

All wheel drive ( AWD ) : The engine will send equal amount of power to both front and rear wheels , an AWD vehicle will consume more fuel than both FWD and RWD , an AWD vehicle will have very good traction , and there is considerably less chance to go spin like a bayblade on high speeds or simple turns .

TIP : Offroad build : FWD
Drift build / Propulsion : RWD
Supercar / safe driving : AWD

Tire Loss :
Doesn't affect your vehicle that much .
no tips here this stat is not important , ingame at least .

Engine Acceleration :
How fast your car reaches it's top speed .
If your car's max speed is 200 , you'll reach it in let's say for example 30 seconds in a highway
If you max your car's engine acceleration you'll reach 200 , in 15 seconds instead .

TIP : If you're building a supercar : Max it
If you're building Off-Road : Max it
If you're building a drift car : 75 or 70% will be good.

Steering Lock:
Mainly used in drift cars .
If you're not building a drift car , do not touch this just keep it right in the middle

Suspension :For Off-road , it does not make your car faster nor slower .

By using this guide i just made an infernus that is very controllable at high speed , doesn't drift , runs very very fast 252mph , and it reaches it's top speed in a really short amount of time , i'm looking forward to your comments , i will do my best to anwser all of your questions if you have any i hope this guide helped :D .

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