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Staff Complaints / Re: Complaint - Mr.Zombie
« on: July 05, 2017, 03:37:05 pm »

3. About the reason I jailed you for it was DMing not insulting , Head staffs/developers can check all reports I handled today at admin logs , you killed a criminal who was  fighting cops with you. you even said this in your complaint  :lol:
 I did not abuse you were fighting with Dylan and I was in the safe zone ( about the hp I lost, it was before you try to kill me and went to hospital to check a medic to heal me) so you took invaild screenshots saying that I was abusing it ? hmm @Dylan can be my witness

I never done this and if I did reply with proofs , please.  :fp:

Wish y'all good luck with this complaint <3 , bye  :-*

 Yes, that's true because i  remember him begging me to be a medic. Also Aren't you guys technically cheating because you are waiting at the spawn zone to kill us.

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