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Special Operations Group - Air Force Special Operations Command
« on: February 18, 2017, 06:57:02 am »

?Air Force Special Operations Command?

Air Force Special Operations Command is a speciallized division with highly trained soldiers. 
They are in charge of the Air Support requested by any Law Agency. AFSOC leader or SOG General are the
only ones that can give permission to an AFSOC trooper to take off and assist a Law Officer. We are speciallized
in Helicopters, rustlers and hydras . Those are soldiers that can die for a cause. Only the best and the
most qualified can be part of this division.

-Respect All AFC , SOG and IGC Rules;
-Respect all AFC and SOG members;
-To join you have to be an SOG member(Private+);
-You have to make sure you are a good Pilot before applying for being one of SOG's;

*Try your best to use Planes instead of cars (when you can);
*To join contact The Commander , Captain or Colonel;



Master Sergeant






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