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SOG - Roster & Changelog
« on: February 12, 2017, 01:44:30 pm »
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Achievements & Legends:(Under Construction)-Group Founder-Group Leader-Community Donator-Community Member-Staff Member-3 Months in SOG-6 Months in SOG-1 Year in SOG-2 Years in SOG-Loyal Member-Group Donator-Contributor-AirForce Unit Member-Criminal Investigation Agent-Fast Response Unit Member-500 Arrests-1000 Arrests-500 Playtime-1000 Playtime-Skype User-Discord user-Inactive Member-Warned Member
Rank Information:General - Maximum leader of SOG. Has the power to promote, demote whoever he wants. He has the last word in all SOG related discussions.Commander -All the powers stated below. The right arm of the General. He can kick, promote and demote people between Recruits and Sergeant Majors. Has the power to give comendations. When the General isn't available, Commander is the official leader of SOG.Vice Commander - All the powers stated below. The assistant of the Commander. Can promote, demote and kick people between Recruits and Sergeants First Class.Captain - All the powers stated below. Has the power to promote and demote SOG Units between Recruits and Staff Sergeant.Can atribute comendations.Colonel - All the powers stated below. Has the power to promote and demote SOG Units between Recruits and Corporal. He is the main responsible of overwatching SOG recruits and give the intel to SOG General. He can issue warnings when SOG Unit's behave wasn't satisfactory.Lieutenant - All the powers stated below. He is in charge of promote and demote SOG Units in Air Force Special Operations Command and Fast Resonse divisions.Sergeant Major - All the powers stated below. He is the overseer of all Sergeants +  in SOG. He is the one in charge of talking to the General and let him know if they deserve a promotion. Has the power to host a training and guide all the recruits and teach them how to do, when to do.Sergeant - All the powers stated below. The beginning of the true SOG Elite career. He has the role to Oversee Recruits and Privates.Corporal - The highest ranking member between the Recruits section. He can recomend a Unit that he thinks would be a great addition to SOG.
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Spoiler: Change Log • show

-Removed Hiccup from the Roster as he left the group (24/03/2017 - Hiccup)
-Kicked BloodyAssaulT due to Inactivity (09/03/2017 - Hiccup)-Promoted HayperX to Private (09/03/2017 - Hiccup)-Removed Xuligan from the roster[Reason=Leaving Group two times without any Reason or Explaination,blacklisted] (??/03/2017 - Hiccup)-Added Some Legends (04/03/2017 - Hiccup)-Added Some Logos,Made by @BarryAllen (02-03/03/2017)-Added a Billboard ingame (??/03/2017 - Hiccup)-Promoted Thug to Lieutenant (02/03/2017 - Noble)-Invited xuligan(01/03/2017 - Thug)-Invited and Tested Aizen (01/03/2017 - Hiccup )-Promoted Thug to Staff Sergeant(01/03/2017 - Noble & Hiccup)-Removed Jason and Ja3kor from the Roster[Reason=Left the group](28/02/2017 - Hiccup)-Added a New Air Force Special Operations Command Logo(28/02/2017 - Hiccup)-Added a New Logo,made by @Nat (21/02/2017 - Hiccup)
Are you missing in the roster?Ingame Name:Group Rank:Is your rank outdated?Ingame Name:New Group Rank:[/list]
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