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L3. KT$Crips / Re: Kilo Tray Crips - Application Center [OPEN]
« on: January 05, 2018, 09:25:49 pm »
1. Real Life Info

1.1 Your real name: Bayrem
1.2 Age: 16
1.3 Gender: Male
1.4 Nationality: Tunisia
1.5 Tell us something about yourself (minimum 50 words): My real name is Bayrem Riahi , i'm 16 years old i birth in 8 november 2001 . i have 2 brothers and my parents i live with them in Tunisia ...

2. In-game Info

2.1 Your In-game name: Jason
2.2 Your account name: Jason
2.3 Serial (F8 - serial): 75248985FABDBCD80602CCAF35AEF5A2
2.4 Your previous groups: SWAT | USMS | Saints
2.5 Tell us something about your time in IGC (minimum 30 words): Sometimes criminal and sometimes work as trucker or photographer to earn money and up my criminal Stats , and help new players how to play in our server ...
2.6 Stats (screenshot):https://imgur.com/a/UclKa

3. Why do you want to join us?
3.1 Why do you want to join us? (minimum 30 words): i want to join Kilo Tray Crips because is active group and pro and all members for now aren't racists they  respect me ,  and it's an old criminal group , skills ...
3.2 Why should we accept you? (minimum 20 words): i'm old player in IGC server i know all rules and now most of the time i'm criminal and gangster , i respect all players new and old   ...
4. Agreement

4.1 I will troll and spam Crips members. (Y/N): No
4.2 I will leave Crips after 2 weeks. (Y/N): No
4.3 I copied my application from another person. (Y/N): No
4.4 I will respect my group mates and my leaders. (Y/N): Yes

The Landfill / Forget password of my sec Acc ( Nuty )
« on: April 07, 2017, 06:48:25 am »
i forget my sec acc Nuty's password i have on it a house in Dillimore .
Account Name : Nuty

The Landfill / Lost 300K
« on: February 14, 2017, 01:50:47 pm »
i bind commands totalbalance and bankbalance , i always ( half hour ) check it .. i had 1.5M on my bank and i press the key of command bank balance i had 1.2M andi have some money on my hand i thing 100K

Account Name : Jason
Ingame Name : CPL-Jason*SOG
MTA Serial : 75248985FABDBCD80602CCAF35AEF5A2
Screen Shot Link : https://forum.igcrpg.com/index.php?board=8.

Devils Rejects MC / Re: Grove Street Families - Application Center [OPEN]
« on: February 05, 2017, 11:15:37 am »
- IRL Information -
1.1: You real Name :Bayrem
1.2: Your Age :16
1.3: Nationality :Tunisian
1.4: About your life (minimum 50 words) :I am Jason, Tunisian ,16 years old  I live with my Father,Mother and two brothersI study in a Private School.I love listening to music as it relax me so much ,I also love playing video games aloso especially MTA, I was a big fan of CJ and Grove street and that's why I am applying for to join you now, That's all what I cansay about myself

- Ingame Information -
2.1: Your In-game nick :Jason
2.2: Your Play time :145 Hours
2.3: Your life in IGC ( 50 words) :I have been playing IGC from it's first day ,I was playing also as Criminal ,I joined Vagos but left it  because it doesn't fit me but this one is the best in my point of view as I am a big fan of GS ,I am skilled and professional and I am loyal as well friendly and I hate liars I was playing as Criminal and sometimes I go turfing (I create a group just for turf then delete it)That's my story in IGC ,I am a dangerous Criminal Robbed like all San Andreas Stores,Banks ,Ammunitions I am one of the most wanted criminals for Police they are ready to give millions to the one who catch me , But I don't think they'll be able too ,and maybe after joining you ,I'll be more dangerous and get a safer life as I am in a group ,not only a group, A dangerous Gang and I am sure that we'll be the best (We are already ;) )
2.4: Your previous groups :I remember I joined Vagos, But I hope that GSF will be my Last family and Group
2.5: Reason for leaving them :I left them because they treat their members like Slaves and not family Members ,No respect , They want me to do exactly what they do and they force me to do it , I don't want to talk about that

- General & SS -
3.1: Why you want to join GSF? (60 words) :I find that GSF fits me a lot as it's one of the best Groups I also had a house in Grove Street I am a big fan of Grove Gang ,CJ ,Big Smoke , one number 9 :p ... I love this group and I want to join it because It's full of professional Criminals and gangsters like me so I am sure I'll have fun in this group, trust in me , you'll love me ,I am funny and professional loyal aswell and that's what the ideal member needs to have My english isn't awesome (I used a bit of google translate) but it still understandable .as I said I am sure that this group (I mean family) fits me as I don't have friends in it but I hope I'll make some friends ,that's all I can say ,I really want to join this group because it's one of the best group ,It's the best actually (sorry but I am not really good at writing long Paragraphs, but Test me and you'll see that I am really professional)
3.2: Screenshot of your Stats (www.imgur.com) :http://imgur.com/a/OYYVy

- Agreement  -
4.1: Will you spam any GSF member to check your apply? (Y/N) :No
4.2: Will you follow both GSF and IGC rules? (Y/N) :Sure
4.3: Is it okay to leave a group for no reason? (Y/N) :No
4.4: Will you obey Leader's order? (Y/N) :Of course (if there is no disrespect)
4.5: Whatever you wrote , was it true? (Y/N) :as I said , I hate liars , so it's true

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