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Armed Forces - Rules and Agreements
« on: September 19, 2020, 09:09:10 am »

Honor Courage Commitment.

"We must be the shield that safeguard the civilized world from those who wish to do it harm."

Welcome to Armed Forces If you want to join a role full of military adventures and experiences, this is your group. If you want to join, contact us for an Interview or Apply.

Armed Forces Office bureau.
Department of Defense.

Rules and Agreements

Armed Forces Rules & Agreements

I. Rules and [AF] Code of Conduct
1. Always respect and follow every IGC and [AF] rule.
2. Do not flame/discriminate anybody in our community. Doing so will result in your dismissal from the group and your addition in the Blacklist.
3. Respect your [AF] superiors and do not demand any sort of additional power/promotion if you haven't earned it with your effort.
4. Even though Criminal/Civilian occupations are partly allowed, we advise that you work as a [AF] as much as possible to earn your place in the [AF]. Any sort of criminal activity will not help you be promoted in the [AF], except for turfing, of course.
5. Never misuse the Law Radio (Y) chat. This should be used to organize operations or to communicate with other law units.
6. Always report inactivity to any CPT+ [AF] Official. Going inactive without notice will result in your dismissal from the group.
7. Do not be afraid to ask any [AF] Official for help concerning any issue you may have.
8. Be friendly, it is the best way to maintain peace between everybody.
9. Respect the IGC Staff and everybody in the community. Any sort of bad behavior won't be tolerated
10. If you have any sort of power concerning ranks, members etc. , always ask a CPT+ before doing anything.
11. Working as a Criminal is not Allowed

II. Operations
1. Be sure to have all your weapons trained to maximum skill. If not, you'll be in a disadvantage while in combat.
2. Be sure to always have your Taser and Nightstick equipped at all times to help you arrest with less difficulty.
3. Be sure to always use your Shotgun, M4, and MP5 weapons for maximum combat efficiency.
4. Be sure to co-operate with [AF] or non-[AF] units at all times for the elimination of crime.
5. Never be afraid to die for the cause, helping your fellow officers is always important.
6. Any vehicle you rent from the [AF] base or the Police Departments around SA should be used moderately without any abuse.
7. Never grief your fellow Law Units, they have the same cause as you!
8. Any sort of armed aircraft/land vehicle shouldn't be used to arrest low wanted level criminals.
9. Never use armed vehicles like Hydra, Hunter, and Rhino to arrest criminals
10. If you happen to drive a Rustler or Seasparrow, use it in moderation. Use its weapons only when necessary.
11. Any sort of abuse of armed vehicles rented from our base or the PDs won't be tolerated.

III. Alliance Rules
1. [AF] will never join an alliance, except for a very special occasion.
2. An alliance with another Law group will only be established if deemed worthy by the [AF] Leaders.
3. Any rule that applies to [AF] members should be applied to any allies we may have, respect them as your brothers,

IV. Agreements
As a [AF] Unit, you agree to:
Respect the [AF] Rules
Help and be helped by everyone
Respect your fellow server players
Respect your [AF] Superiors and the IGC Staff Members
Use your powers in moderation
Co-operate with every law unit, for the cause.
Sacrificing your life for the security and safety in SA
Fighting with bravery and never giving up.

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