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Completed Suggestions / Faction Team
« on: August 29, 2020, 07:40:57 am »
Suggestion: Faction Team members
Detailed explanation: We all know that our group system is great and we gain new groups perks while we are leveling up but, also, we all know that it's not fair for certain groups that want to level up and obtain, vehicles, skins, bases, etc and they don't have enough players. Of course almost everybody wants to join the biggest and most active group and due to that the other groups struggle to level up.

 My suggestion is simple. Make a team, an admin team, responsible for the group system. Name them as Faction Team. They will be in charge of keeping an eye in all the server groups. Those groups would have the opportunity to apply for certain perks and all the action team would vote. They would take into consideration, their activite as a group and the staff punishments.

All these means that even if you DON'T MEET the required level for a certain perk, you may have it anyways.
Of course theu group system will keep working. This Faction Team is just to keep all the groups balanced. I've seen it in FULLY RP SERVERS and worked properly.
Location of update ( location on map ) N/A
Any Skins or Shaders needed for this update?: Maybe a skin for the Faction Team.
Is there payment for this update? If so place the payout here: We can discuss that later on

General Chat / COVID-19
« on: March 15, 2020, 11:11:33 am »
Hello Folks!

What are we doing and what is the San Andreas Government doing about the virus?

People still robbing, going to disco, parties, meetings and turfing. You need to think bigger, you gotta see the bigger picture. Think about the others. We need to stop the COVID-19!

Stay home, stay safe! Don't leave your houses. Close Los Santos access to everyone coming from San Fierro and Las Venturas. Protect what's ours.

Be safe!


General Chat / That's a dangerous girl!
« on: December 09, 2016, 07:49:47 am »

The Landfill / Read before posting.
« on: November 30, 2016, 04:11:31 pm »
From now one I'll be keeping en eye in here. I've been seeing people posting trash and useless stuff in suggestions made by the community. If you are one of those players don't be alarmed if you realize your post was deleted. Also forum warnings will start working. Forum warnings will be issued to people who post here just for the sake to "post farm".

Your post doesn't need to have 300 words but it has to have quality. Don't use "upvoting", "Yeah, I agree", "Good suggesting, we need this", just don't! Make constructive and mature posts and don't take it to the personal side if someone doesn't like your idea. This isn't the right place to start a fight. Don't think I am a bad guy :P I just don't want to see useless posts here.
If you have nothing to say, say nothing at all.

The Landfill / Law Enforcement Academy
« on: November 30, 2016, 07:40:44 am »
Want to become the best? Then learn from the best.

Topic being updated.

General Support / Read before asking for help
« on: November 20, 2016, 01:38:06 pm »
This is the right place to ask for help. Staffs will do their best to help you out.

These are a few rules that you should take in consideration before asking for help:
  • Need help? Only in english. Don't ask for help in other languages.
  • Don't suggest nothing in this board. Use the proper board instead.
  • Don't be rude if we don't know the answer for your question. We don't know everything.
  • Always explain in detail your problem and what do you need. Someone will reply to you shortly.
  • Don't spam this board if we don't reply to you in the same minute you asked for help . Remember we have a life

General Chat / Why do you use that name
« on: November 20, 2016, 06:15:31 am »
Just let us know why did you pick the nickname you're using right now.

I'll start. I use this nickname because I am a huge fan of Halo. The Xbox game. Halo Reach had a Team made by spartans which was called Noble Team. They were Noble indeed. That's why this nickname.

Mods / Showcase / More realistic Sounds for GTA SA
« on: November 14, 2016, 08:01:25 am »
These are the sounds I use for GTA SA. It replaces almost all the GTA SA sounds with better and realitic ones. You should try.

Click me to download

General Support / The message body was left empty
« on: November 11, 2016, 02:04:57 pm »
I am trying to updated CIA topic and when I press to save/post it appears "The message body was left empty". Why the hell it says that? I removed the topic and created another one and it keeps saying that. I can create the topic saying something like "The Agency is back" but when I try to add the rest like the roster and stuff, formatted text it gives me this error....

The Landfill / What do we need to succeed?
« on: November 03, 2016, 04:43:21 pm »
In your opinion what do you think IGC needs to succeed as a server with good but also constant players playing IGC.

Keep in mind the following topics:
  • CnR related stuff;
  • Turf (or whatever you want to call it);
  • Civillian related stuff;
  • Payment system;
  • Group system and its perks, rewards, etc;
  • Balanced Cops & Criminals activities;

Feel free to talk about anything else that is not mentioned in this topic but please don't start a fight.

Here goes my opinion. Give to much freedom to players such as "Freedom of Speech", etc it can be good but I think we've seen it that wasn't so good after all lol. People used and abused that kind of freedom.

We need balanced scripts for criminals, cops and also civillians. Something like 50/50. If a faction has too many things the others will start a fight with or without a reason. It doesn't matter. Fights are not good.

If accepted, Developers should pay special atention to the suggestions made by the community. If the suggestion is good I am sure people will upvote it which means the community want it on the server to have fun (Don't forget the balanced thing I've mention before).

SOG / Special Operations Group
« on: November 11, 2016, 01:59:51 pm »
?Special Operations Group?
Enforcing the Law

Special Operations Group or SOG is an Elite group that is divided into three main divisions: Criminal Investigation, Fast Response Unit and Air Force Special Operations Command. It's our duty to protect all the civillians, other law agencies if needed and government interests. Our motto says it all, Enforcing the Law. We make sure the law it's enforced in any circunstances. It doesn't matter where or when. We just do it. We are specialized in Fast Responsing and Special Assignements given by our General.

  • Empty
Vice Commander
  • Empty
  • Empty
Sergeant Major
  • Empty
First Sergeant
  • Empty
Master Sergeant
Sergeant First Class
  • Empty
Staff Sergeant
  • Empty
  • Empty
Private First Class
  • Empty
  • Yazed
  • Samu
  • Amine

Fast Response Unit

Fast Response Unit are units that are always ready to act. 
These are the ones who reach the destination in the first place. It's imperative that they are the first to reach it.
They use only fast cars and fast motorbikes.
These Units are always ready. However they can be requested to help in any dangerous situations but their primary role is Fast Response.

Criminal Investigation Agents

Criminal Investigation Agents are highly trained Detectives that work togheter with other law agencies to work with a single purpose. 
Investigate and put behind bars people that somehow threatened or injured San Andreas citizens.
We like to work only with Criminal Investigation Agents but if needed we can be requested to help other agencies.
When our objective it's completed then it's up to Special Operations Group finish the job

Gaming / Xbox Live Gamertag
« on: November 09, 2016, 02:29:49 pm »
Let us know your Xbox Live Gamertags. If we have enough gamertags we could create a group on Xbox Live named IGC.

Mine is Brun0Chief

The Landfill / National Guard & Terrorists discussion
« on: November 09, 2016, 08:09:26 am »
For the old members of GTI they know what I am talking about.
Remember the National Guard and Terrorists feature that was supposed to be added into the GTI server?

I am here to know what the server thinks about it. Should it be a priority? I mean, it will emphasize the pvp and the groups creation maybe. Personally I'd love to see that added. Brings RP, fun and more reasons to keep playing GTI. More features= more reasons to stay=more players. :D

What do you think?

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